Get a Cute ‘Star Wars’ Pillow Cover for $10; Or a Portable, Manual Espresso Maker for $60 – Daily Deals!

Daily Deals 051717

Everyone needs a bit more Star Wars in their home decor. So, how about these adorable covers that’ll make the throw pillows on your sofa as cute and comfortable as any chaise on Jabba’s pleasure barge? Multiple designs, $10 each today!

Need that jolt of flavor and energy from a shot of espresso, but can’t bring your home rig with you on the road? MiniPresso may be your answer! Fill it with grounds, pour in hot water, seal it, and pump. Device reaches 116psi an pours a perfect shot of espresso with beautiful crema. Give it a try at work or camping. You can get a version to use with your own grounds, or one that works with Nespresso capsules, both for $60 today!


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