Get Saucony Running Shoes for $35; LEGO Han Solo in Carbonite for $12 – Daily Deals!

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Daily Deals 050117

Running shoes are one of those things, like camera brands or smartphone OSes, where people have their favorites. Well, if you’re one of those geeks to likes to get out and pound out the miles, and you’re looking new shoes, here’s a good deal today: Saucony running shoes are a fan favorite (did you know they’re an American brand? that they’re made by Wolverine? Snikt!), and today you can pick up a pair for 50% off (between $35 and $60, which is pretty good!)

Yes, it’s a tchotchke, but it’s a pretty geeky one, pulling double-duty as a Star Wars item and a LEGO item. Sort of like they got chocolate in the peanut butter? Even better, it’s an LED light keychain. Pick one up today for just $12.


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