Stand in Line More Comfortably With the Sitgo

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The Sitgo Portable Stool, collapsed, with a banana for scale. Image by Rob Huddleston.

Thankfully, I rarely have to stand in long lines anymore. We haven’t been to Disneyland in years and my one time at SDCC was more than enough. But if I did, I’d definitely like to have a Sitgo portable stool along with me.

The Sitgo is a collapsible stool that you can take pretty much anywhere. It folds in to a compact cylinder that measures only 9.5 inches long and about 3 inches in diameter. But the fully adjustable leg that extends from it allows the stool to comfortably support just about anyone. The thick rubber foot ensures that the stool won’t slide on most floors, and it comes with an attached carabiner so that when the line starts to move, you can quickly attach it to a backpack and be ready to go.

I’ll admit that it takes a bit of practice to figure out how to balance yourself such that you can relax on the stool, but not so much that it’s not worth the effort. As I said above, I don’t have a ton of cause to stand around in lines a lot, but the tests I did of the stool at home confirmed that my legs and feet would likely be a lot less sore at the end of a long day of rides if I had this along with me.

The one place where I do anticipate using the chair is on Scout outings. I can definitely see bringing it along on hikes, as it will certainly be a more comfortable way to rest along the trail than finding a bumping rock. I’m looking forward to testing that out a bit later in the spring when my son’s troop starts hiking again.

The boy and his stick chair. Image by Rob Huddleston.

The biggest fan of the Sitgo, though, is my eleven-year-old. He calls it the “stick chair” and seems to rather enjoy just using it at random around the house. He’s also the only one to have really field tested it, as he used it while we stood in an insufferably long line recently to get the kids’ passports renewed.

The Sitgo is available from Amazon for a regular price of $80, but at least, as of now, it can be purchased for only $40.

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