Save on a Geometry Kit, Keep the Kids Hydrated With a Camelback – Daily Deals!

Geometry is a math subject that can daunt a lot of people. But once you grok it, the interrelations of shapes and angles make so much more sense, and you can use it to do so many things. Today, you can pick up a simple geometric drafting kit that will make creating perfect shapes easy. And it’s on sale for just $8!

Keeping hydrated during outdoor activities can be a challenge, especially kids who may not be attuned to their bodies’ need for water quite as well as adults. That’s why it’s smart to keep water with you whenever you’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors – hiking, playing, or at a theme park. Which is why this Camelback Mini-MULE water pack for kids is a great solution. Have them carry their own water source, and just remind them to drink from time to time! Even better: it’s on sale today for just $26!


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