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‘Evolution’ Is Evolving Again

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Evolution, a fantastic tabletop game from North Star Games, continues to evolve—this time, making the leap from analog to digital. (And diving deeper—but I’m getting ahead of myself.)

In case you’re not already familiar with the game, you can check out my original Kickstarter review here, and then see how the game and the first expansion (Flight) turned out here. It’s a card-driven game about evolving your species so they can survive—they’ll need to find food to eat (or starve), and avoid predators (or become one). What I love about it is the way that you really see how the various traits that species have create an ecosystem—it’s a great game and it demonstrates how the survival of the fittest works.

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North Star Games Digital is working on the digital version of the game, and from now until April 22, you can sign up to become an alpha tester. Testing on Steam will come first, with tablet testing potentially scheduled for later. More information is available at the dev blog here.

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And, in case you missed it in our Re-Roll column last weekEvolution is going deeper: into the oceans! Nick Bentley, one of the developers of Evolution, announced on his blog that he’s working on a marine-based version of the game, to be Kickstarted next year. So we’ve got a while yet before this will hit your table, but I’m pretty excited to see what comes next.

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