Disney Has Plans for the ‘Star Wars’ Hotel Experience You Didn’t Know You Were Looking For

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There’s been no official announcement, but there’s a very credible rumor out there that Disney is floating trial balloons about a Star Wars hotel/resort experience at Walt Disney World that would be, and I’m fairly sure there’s no better term for it, freaking amazing! They’re reportedly (via a third-party company) surveying guests at WDW for their thoughts and showing some concept art that is practically mind-blowing.

If you’re anything like me, looking at this concept art will make the little kid inside you jump for joy. Do you remember the scene in Ratatouille when Anton Ego (the restaurant critic) takes a bit of the ratatouille he’s served, and you see that in his mind he’s going back to the meals his mother cooked him when he was a boy? I felt something pretty similar reading about this, only in my case I went back to my eight-year-old self sleeping on my Empire Strikes Back bedsheets for the first time. I’ve wanted to have an experience like this since I was that kid, even if I didn’t know I wanted it until now.

As reported by WDW News Today, the everything-included two-day immersive resort – which is meant to be a Star Wars starship – would include:

  • The opportunity to experience a 2-day story set in the Star Wars universe
  • Be surrounded in a continuous, story-driven entertainment experience as it unfolds over the course of the 2-night stay
  • Have personal interactions with Star Wars characters 8i live performers throughout the starship (experience the story or simply observe the action according to personal preference)
  • Engage in the story with programs such as flight training, ship exploration, lightsaber training, and personalized secret missions (both on the starship and throughout the Star Wars themed planet)

The package would reportedly cost in the $1000 range, and would include accommodations offering (again according to WDW News Today):

  • All meals during your stay: buffet breakfasts, lunches, & signature evening dining
  • Featured entertainment & dinner shows
  • Exclusive park admission to the Star Wars themed land at the Walt Disney World Resort (a new land opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2019)
  • Star Wars starship amenities including pool area & water garden, fitness area, on-board cantina, and robotic droid butlers

Now what I need is to skip ahead in time at least two years to whenever this place is going to open. Assuming they actually go ahead with the plans, of course. Which, for the sake of the eight-year-old me, I desperately hope they do.

Images: Lucasfilm/Disney

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