200 Word RPG Challenge

Demonstrate Your Design Skills, Take the 200 Word RPG Challenge

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200 Word RPG ChallengeHave you ever wanted to write your own RPG, but don’t actually like to write? Well, here’s your chance to create your game using just 200 words or less in this RPG Challenge. To top it off, your game should be text only, so, no pesky pictures, no fancy layout, just awesome, short, gaming goodness!

All joking aside, the 2017 200 Word RPG Challenge is live through April 23rd, 2017, and is a great way to showcase your game design chops. Condensing a complete, playable game down to just 200 words takes excellent design and communication skills.

A 200 word limit encourages creativity and demands the very best of your editing and writing abilities. While making a game in 200 words can be difficult, it’s less of a daunting commitment than editing and proofing 85 pages of rules, complete with art and layout. (200wordrpg.github.io)

Judges will pick the top three games from all entries based on creativity and engagement. The winners will receive, free graphic design, artwork, and layout for their winning games. Also, being featured on an episode of System Mastery and The Gauntlet Podcast, as well as in the Codex monthly RPG fanzine the designers will get some excellent publicity. Other prizes will be awarded as well.

Check out the prior years’ winners and finalists to see 200-word design in action.

Alas, if writing 200 words is too much for you, consider the site a potential source of games to play. I’m going to peruse this site for a few good travel games. At 200 words or less each, we can easily dive into these games without too much effort!

All the rules and details can be found on 200wordrpg.github.io. Let’s see what you can design! I know I’ll be sitting down with my kids to brainstorm some ideas.

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