He Is the Terror That Chews in the Field – Win DC Super Pets Bat Cow, Crackers & Giggles

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Hey Giggles, ever feel like you’re being watched? No Crackers, why? Moo. (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

When my daughter saw a box from DC Collectibles arrive on our doorstep, she was immediately interested. After all, she’s been able to identify Wonder Woman and friends on sight since she was two.

“What’s that? Is that for you to review? Is it something I’ll like? Do you get to keep it?”

You think you can hold us in these bags, cow? Moo. (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

When I opened the box and revealed not one, but three DC Super Pets plushes, the level of squealing was almost enough to be called a sonic attack (Black Canary has nothing elementary school girls). I was able to fend my daughter off long enough to grab exactly three pictures before she snatched the plushes, ran to her room, and slammed the door. All three were sharing the pillow with her when I tucked her in this evening.

Bonus art from Art. If only the cards were perforated! (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

Based on the amazing art of Art Baltazar, DC Super Pets plushes are some of the most faithful art-to-3D translations that have even come out of DC Collectibles. I don’t know what kind of design wizards they have on staff, but if you were able to reach into a comic and pull the characters out of the page, you still couldn’t get a more perfect rendering.

Moo. (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

Bat Cow has been a favorite at my house since she was first introduced back in Tiny Titans, and she’s perfect here (my daughter scolded me when I kept saying “he” reminding me that boy cows don’t give milk). With her eponymous tuft of grass, she looks more than ready to take on the giggling duo that accompanied her in the box.

A bit more unibrow than in the comics, but just as adorable (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

Crackers and Giggles are clad in soft, green, fuzzy PJs and have exactly the expression you’d expect from a pet who’s owner keeps things like Joker gas just laying around (I love that their eyebrows are so fuzzy, I mistook them for fringe on their hoodies). They’re a little shorter than Bat Cow, but still a healthy size.

Bat Cow retails for around $15 as does the set of Crackers and Giggles. You can find them now at your local, friendly comic book store (LFCBS) and Amazon.

Or, you can win them here (no April Fools, I promise)! Enter your info below and we’ll choose one winner by next Friday, April 7, to win all three plushes! Good luck and let me know what your favorite DC Super Pet is in the comments.

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