Daily Deals 040117

Save Big on Basic Bakeware; Get Earbuds for $7 – Check Out the Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 040117

Amazon Basics is Amazon’s generic, house brand of stuff, from cables, to backpacks, to tools, and yes, to kitchenware. Today’s deal is perfect for anyone just setting up a new kitchen, or in need of new bakeware for a big project. Get this 6-piece non-stick bakeware set for just $16!

Do you, or your offspring, always lose/break your earbuds? Does opening the dryer become a weekly ritual of “on no, not again!?” There is a solution; or, not really a solution, but an accommodation. $7 earbuds. These will do the job for basic music or podcast listening, and they’re so cheap, nobody is going to cringe too hard when they’re destroyed. Pick up 5 or six (they come in a variety of colors, priced between $7 and $9), just so there’s always a set available. Check out the deal here!