DC on The CW: ‘Legends’ Season Finale

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‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ episode 2.17, “Aruba”. Image by The CW.

Last week gave us the Legends of Tomorrow season two finale and ending to the Legion of Doom arc. As always, we watched the episode and broke it down on the GeekDad Facebook page as it aired and in the days that followed. Here are some of the highlights.

Joey: I want a mini-Waverider with lights and sounds. Something the size of the Millennium Falcon toys from the late ’70s and ’80s.

Lisa H: This is now totally on my holiday wish list.

Lisa H: By saying “at all costs” Rip has guaranteed they will meet their former selves.

Lisa H: There it is!

Joey: It's like The Parent Trap.

Lisa H: But it'll undo all of time and space! Harry and Hermione made it look so easy!!

Joey: Ruh roh. Now what? Try again, minus another teammate?

Lisa H: Damn!

Joey: Missed opportunity, I think. "We've lost Ray!" "No problem, we'll go back five minutes earlier and try again." Do that a few times, just for giggles, before someone says, "Well, this isn't working."

Joey: Again, glad to see the producers nod to the fact that all of this started with Sara and Ollie.

Lisa H: I feel like that gets lost so often. I'm glad they did the call back.

Joey: Especially after hitting it at the end of the December crossover. Good callback here.

Joey: I wonder how many Black Racers it would take to eliminate that many Thawnes.

Joey: I guess we've answered that.

Lisa H: So do we think Thawne's death will stick this time??

Lisa H: Also yes...If you kill the original all futures end.

Joey: I assume he'll be back somewhere, somehow, at some point.

Joey: ...and it will BE BARRY'S FAULT!!!

Joey: Okay, if the Legends have broken time in 1916, then we’d better see some of this carried through to the other shows. If Flashpoint can impact every other show but Legends can’t/doesn’t, I’m calling B.S. on this whole thing right now.

Lisa H: Okay. I'm now standing with you on your hill. This needs to reverberate throughout the entire Berlantiverse. Anything less is just lazy and unacceptable.

Joey: I want to see Prometheus finally about to kill Ollie when Ray's T. Rex shows up and chomps Adrian, sort of like the lawyer in the toilet in Jurassic Park.

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