My Dream ‘Star Wars’ Role for Woody Harrelson: Jaxxon

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Woody Harrelson as another mentor, Hamish, in the Hunger Games films. Image copyright Lionsgate.

So, by now I’m sure you’ve heard that Woody Harrelson has officially been cast in the 2018 young Han Solo standalone Star Wars movie. He’ll be starring opposite Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover, and Emilia Clarke, and not much is known about the role he’s playing – other than it’s been described as a “mentor role.”

I’m not here to argue whether this young Han Solo movie is necessary or whether Woody Harrelson should even be in a Star Wars movie. That’s all out of my hands. But now that’s he’s on board, allow me to present my dream role.

Woody Harrelson should absolutely, positively, and without a doubt play Jaxxon.

Not familiar with Jaxxon? It’s OK. He only appeared in a handful of issues of the original Marvel comics run from 1977 and ’78. Still, despite only being a secondary character in one storyline from 40 years ago, he boasts a 5,000-word Wookieepedia entry. So go read up if you’re interested.

In short, Jaxxon is a 6-foot green rabbit (but don’t call him that to his face). He’s one of the more wackadoo comic book characters of the late 70s, but, seriously, just look at him. He’s awesome.

He’s a total badass with a bucktooth.

In the original comics, Jaxxon forms part of a motley crew of mercenaries-for-hire that Han Solo assembles to protect a small village from the space pirate Serji-X Arrogantus, which also happens to be one of the best names ever created. Imagine The Seven Samurai or The Magnificent Seven set in the Star Wars universe…but starring a 6-foot green rabbit and a walking porcupine.

These comics were written before anyone had even seen the original Star Wars, and they were published and sold in the weeks following its theatrical release. There was no Story Group back then. There was no such thing as canon. No one even knew there’d be a sequel in a few years. It was like the Wild West for Star Wars storytelling. Anything was fair game. Which is how we ended up with such insane characters.

Sadly, Jaxxon didn’t last long. He appeared in five issues and then vanished. But he still occupies a special place in many fans’ hearts. He even appeared on a variant cover of Marvel’s relaunched Star Wars comics in 2014.

I adore Jaxxon.

And with a little tweaking to his character, he could easily be a “mentor” to a young Han Solo. It’s not much of a stretch, really. Woody Harrelson is already an established tough guy, and that reputation looks like it will only grow with War for the Planet of the Apes. And he’s already played a weird, off-kilter mentor in The Hunger Games series.

Come on, you know this is a brilliant idea. Woody Harrelson for Jaxxon! Now all we need is a catchy hashtag. #WoodyAsJaxxon #WoodyJaxxon

Feel free to run with this one, people. You’re welcome.

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