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This was the last week of the season that included new episodes from all four DC Comics shows on The CW. We discussed the episodes as they aired and in the days that followed on the GeekDad Facebook page. Below are some of the highlights of those discussions.

‘Supergirl’ episode 2.17, “Distant Sun”

Joey: Why does the open still say that Kara’s a reporter at Catco? Wasn’t she fired a month ago? Who pays Kara’s rent?

Corrina: DEO, perhaps?

Joey: How do they line-item that in the budget, I wonder? Does that make Kara's apartment public housing?

Lisa H: They alter the other opens. They need to fix this one.


Lisa H: Running into the ex girlfriend on the street while with current girlfriend…That’s not awkward at all.

Joey: That wasn't awkward, Maggie.

Lisa H: Dinner tonight? This is a bad idea.

Joey: Yeah, Alex crossed a line there confronting Emily. Not cool, sister.

Corrina: It didn't go where I expected though. Why can't they write all the romances as well as this?

Lisa H:  It's such a well written healthy relationship... so they can write that, just not for heterosexuals.


Lisa H: Ooh Mama Daximite grounded Space Bro but good! I mean she sent him to his room for four years! Damn.

Joey: Can't imagine why Mon-El wouldn't want to stick around after being locked in a cell and threatened with being stuck there for the next four years...

Corrina: Though I dislike so much of this show devoted to Mon-El lately, I admit Terri Hatcher brought her best villainous side to tonight's episode.

Lisa H: And all without the motion of her forehead.


Joey: So, I forget… who or what is the big bad this season? Mama Daxamite? Cadmus? I still feel like this season is floundering a bit due to lack of clarity and focus on a season-overshadowing threat.

Corrina: I thought it was Mama Luthor? Maybe she'll team up with Mama Daxamite and they can kvetch about ungrateful children with morals.

Lisa H: I like Corrina's plan. 'Cause I can't keep track of who the big bad is anymore.

‘The Flash’ episode 3.18, “Abra Kadabra”

Joey: I am having a really hard time with the idea of Caitlin walking Julian and Iris through surgery on her abdomen. I’ll suspend disbelief for a time-traveling, dimension-hopping “magician”, but not this.

Lisa H: Are we doing this with no anesthesia at all?

Lisa H: Joey, this is your line in the sand?

Joey: This is the hill I die upon.

Lisa H: Okay. Love that you own that.


Lisa H: Does he have enough road to get to 88 miles per hour??

Joey: Great Scott!

Lisa H: He's got to get back for the Enchantment Under the Sea dance!

Joey: Which begs the question: why has no one gone back to the past with a sports almanac from the future and given it to their younger self?

Lisa H: Well now I've gone cross eyed.


Joey: Well… huh.

Lisa H: Huh indeed. I was not expecting that (ending). At all.

‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ episode 2.16, “Doomworld”

Lisa H: Someone else can narrate the open every episode but we can’t​ rerecord the incorrect line in the open of Supergirl?? I call bullshit.


Joey: Why wouldn’t Thawne rewrite himself back to the future? He spent season one of The Flash trying to get back there, why would he place himself in 2017?

Lisa H: Again... epic plot hole. But they don't do continuity well on these shows.


Joey: So, why haven’t the changes to reality reverberated to The Flash and Arrow? Not just Felicity showing up in Doomworld, but Doomworld becoming the reality for the other shows, if nothing more than for one week?

Joey: Barry saves his mom, Flashpoint is created, Diggle's daughter becomes his son. There's no going back and fixing the timeline. But, the Legion of Doom rewrites reality and there are no ramifications anywhere outside of Legends?

Lisa H: Epic plot hole fail.

Lisa H: And why does Rip remember the spear of destiny??

Lisa H: Wait. Changes have reverberated! Damian Darhk had the masks of Flash, Mad Dog, Black Canary, Diggle, Ragman and a couple others. And Felicity was still all Goth.

Joey: But not onto the other shows. If they used the Spear last week to rewrite reality, then the least they could have done is have a week of Flash and Arrow in that rewritten reality.

Lisa H: But it appears as though everyone is kinda dead...see mask collection.

Joey: Dead in this reality at this time, yes. What I was hoping for was a one week "mini-crossover" event where we see the altered reality on Flash and Arrow. Would have been a more interesting way to bring back former characters like Eddie Thawne and Ronnie Raymond than that craptastic "Into the Speed Force" episode.

Lisa H: Well yes, I think we would all be better off without that "Into the Speed Force" episode. But, with limited episodes left in the season could any of the other shows really afford to lose a full episode and still be able to resolve the big bad properly?


Joey: Well… huh (again, over that ending).

Lisa H: Okay so now there should be major changes in all the other shows until this is resolved. Now they need to explain why it's not happening.

Joey: Fortunately/unfortunately, this will be resolved before any new episodes of the other shows air. Such wasted opportunity.

‘Arrow’ episode 5.18, “Disbanded”

Lisa H: What is it with the heroes this season just accepting the villains are one step ahead??


Joey: This is not going to end well for Felicity.

Lisa H: Nope. But we knew that from the moment Winifred Burkle showed up.

Joey: And now that Curtis is involved... bad news.

Lisa H: Felicity and Curtis are breaking in without masks?? Bad form.

Lisa H: And no gloves??? It's like they want to get caught.

Joey: She should have worn the outfit from Legends.

Lisa H: Yea that was pretty badass.


Lisa H: I hope Dig gets through to Oliver. Mopey Oliver is boring and annoying.

Lisa H: Thank God they didn't drag that out!

Joey: Let's just call it the "March Special". Every March, Oliver mopes around about how he can't have the rest of the team-at-that-time be further corrupted by him and Dig talks him off the ledge.

Lisa H: It would be better if Dig and Felicity would just look at each other and respond with "Well spring is here now so let's stop Oliver from being mopey." At least then it would be funny and not as annoying. OR they could come up with another plot device, but that might just be crazy talk.

Joey: I still love Quentin's line from season 3... "The city's under attack from a bunch of terrorists. Must be May."

Lisa H: Yes! I love those little self-deprecating lines that wink at the audience.


Joey: I think Anatoly is one of my three favorite characters still on this show.

Lisa H: I think he's in my top 3 as well. Who are your other 2?

Joey: Hmm... usually Dig, but he's been mostly in the periphery this season. Merlyn's on another show. Curtis is one for sure. So, Curtis, Anatoly, and not sure about #3.

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