Daily Deals 042717

Get a Desktop Tablet Stand for $15; Organize Your Kids’ Backseat Gear – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 042717

Using a tablet as part of your desktop workspace is becoming very common, and it’s handy if you can position the device in as useful a mode as possible. This handy stand looks good, and gives you the flexibility to work with a tablet, or maybe your new Nintendo Switch, effortlessly. And it’s on sale today for just $15!

Taking the kids for extended car rides, especially for summer trips, means making sure they have plenty of stuff to entertain and feed them on the way, and keeping that stuff from taking over can be a challenge. This seat-back organizer has a protected pocket for a table so kids can watch movies on the road, including a port through which headphone cords can run. There are plenty of slot for drink containers, toys, food, and even wipes for cleaning up. And it all costs just $22 today!


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