GeekDad Daily Deal: A Lifetime Premium Subscription to Disconnect VPN

Daily Deal

It seems that everybody is trying to get your information: hackers, governments, and, of course, companies. With a Lifetime Premium Subscription to Disconnect VPN, you can say “nope, not going to happen” to all of them. Today’s Daily Deal blocks things like trackers and malware, masks your location, and encrypts your internet connection. This way everybody out there won’t know who you are, where you are at, or what you are doing. And that’s the way it should be. Check out more details by clicking the link above.

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2 thoughts on “GeekDad Daily Deal: A Lifetime Premium Subscription to Disconnect VPN

  1. I dont believe in life time deals, I think it is better to take a deal like nordvpn because then you think of this, it becomes an insurance if it will get worse, these life time deals seeems to me like scam when you collect money and run away.

  2. I don’t really a fan of lifetime deals and I’m skeptical about Disconnect VPN as it’s new in the industry. I recently bought PureVPN Halloween deal let’s see how it goes. Will give this VPN a chance once I complete my subscription.

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