Daily Deals 040317

Save $30 on Anki Overdrive; Solve Your Cable Management Issues – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 040317

Anki Overdrive has been the future of slot car racing ever since it was debuted in front of an excited audience at one of the Apple keynotes. You can control these smart slot cars with your phone or tablet and hold amazing races. And today, you can pick up the starter kit for just $120!

Keeping all those cables from braiding themselves has been a gadget geek’s challenge for decades. But DigitGear has a solution: Velcro! You can trim the flexible sleeve to whatever length you need (under 10′-8″) and then wrap your cables to keep them neat and tidy; no muss, no fuss! And today, you can pick up a 128″ roll for just $9!


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