Boring Conversation Anyway: LEGO Unveils Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Detention Block AA-23

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If you’ve ever been to a major convention, you know that scoring exclusives is basically an Olympic sport. It requires endurance, fortitude, skill… and a deep emotional support system. And scoring LEGO exclusives? It’s basically like competing in the Olympics while simultaneously waging battle during a zombie apocalypse.

In other words, good luck.

Star Wars Celebration is no different. In some respects, the challenge might be worse. Still, there’s treasure to be had, and I’m sure you’re dying to know how to get your hands on those beautiful, sweet exclusive sets.

There will be several exclusive Star Wars sets from LEGO available at Star Wars Celebration, and this is one of them. Detention Block Rescue contains 220 pieces, includes Luke and Han minifigures in Stormtrooper disguises, will set you back $40, and is available exclusively to a lucky few at this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, FL.

How to score this set? Go here for all the details, but basically it involves entering a lottery for the chance to win a timed ticket. That’s your time to go wait in line. You can still line up and hope to buy something without a ticket, but that line won’t even open until everyone with a raffle ticket has gone through—at 4pm each day. So, basically, if you want an exclusive, go enter the lottery now (which ends on 12:01 am EST on Thursday, April 6).

Here’s a closeup on the just-revealed Detention Block Rescue set. Drool. Make the grabbie hands. Enter the raffle. And then pray.

Good luck!

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