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This week Chris and Matt talk about a pair of Netflix originals before they share their reactions to Disney’s new-old film Beauty and the Beast. 

Chris finally listens to Matt’s advice and checks out Chef’s Tablea documentary series on Netflix that devotes each episode to exploring the life and career of a different “celebrity chef.” The duo try to dissect what it is that makes these documentaries so captivating. Cinematography, content, narrative arc: what do you think?

Matt spends this week talking about his new love, Love. This was a show that flew under his radar for a season but a 2-season binge hooked him deeply this week. The conversation about the show morphs into a discussion about how shows get made and a lengthy discussion about pilots, the lifetime of a season, and just what it takes to get something out of a writer’s mind onto the screen for an audience. The real question you’ll have at the end of this one is whether Paul Rust would join us for a game of D&D or punch us both square in the nose.

Then, of course, we dive into the live action remake of the only musical about a girl who falls in love with a dog man. No, not La La Land (You’ve still got it, Matt), Beauty and the Beast! There’s a reason we bring up LLL, though. Every musical for the next few years will certainly draw comparisons; the only question is whether it’s a favorable one. Almost certainly the film’s target audience, tune in to find out exactly what we thought (and whether Chris wept openly)!

Also be sure to check out fellow GeekDad Matt Blum’s,  8 Things Parents Should Know About Beauty and the Beast.

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Be sure to tune in next week as we finally find out the secret to Life.

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  1. Totally with you guys on this one… I liked the Disney version much better. I also heard about a version by some Armenian director Gio Plumondon or something. We’ll see how they handle the friction between the candelabra and the footstool!!

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