Top Board Game Deals for March 2017

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Here are our sponsoring partner‘s picks for three of the best games on sale this week:

Arctic Scavengers (with HQ & Recon expansions)

2 – 5 players ♠ 60 minutes ♠ Ages 13 & up

$29 according to (27% discount on, lowest ever)

Set in a harsh future where only the strong survive, Arctic Scavengers pits the last remaining tribes of humanity against each other in a contest for survival.

It is a time of frostbite and foraging.

Arctic Scavengers is a card game in the style of Dominion or Ascension, but with the player interaction turned up to 11. Send your people to scavenge for precious resources in the arctic wasteland, covered by sniper teams or perhaps wielding a precious hunting net… but your opponents want a slice of the snowy wastes just as much as you do.



Five of the game’s nearly thirty characters.

This bundle comes with both the HQ and Recon expansions; the former adds extra win conditions and the ability to build structures and to recruit medics, while the latter provides a complete set of replacement cards for the original game that can be mixed and matched as you so desire.

With so much replayability and content crammed into one box, this is the definitive edition of a game that sparkles with genius. Check out this iconic review if you’re still on the fence, then come back and take advantage of this historically low price.

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2 – 5 players ♠ 30 minutes ♠ Ages 10 & up

$11 according to (63% discount, lowest ever)

A classic card game of nobility, intrigue, and construction–now updated for the modern gamer.

Scholars & alchemists–assassins & thieves. Citadels challenges players to construct their own city districts in a land where nobles rub shoulders with scoundrels.

A modern classic.

In this fractious political landscape, players must enlist the aid of magistrates and magicians to construct their buildings… and keep them safe from your opponent’s machinations.

New characters, new art, new graphic design.

This updated version of Citadels includes 27 characters up from the original game’s 8, and thirty new unique buildings. Whether you own the classic version or have never played this card game of careful tension, this price is the perfect time to check out Citadels.

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Machi Koro

2 – 4 players ♠ 30 minutes ♠ Ages 7 & up

$15 according to (50% discount)

This small town has big dreams, but it needs your help to bring them to life in this dice rolling game of idyllic construction.

Small town; big dreams.

Nominated for board gaming’s highest award, the 2015 Spiel des Jahres, Machi Koro is a cute little card game that feels a little bit like Monopoly but with a 30 minute play time.

Construct synergies and outdo your opponents!

Construct darling cafes and plant lush wheat fields–can you bring prosperity to this little town?

Easy to pick up and with adorable art, Machi Koro is a great game for all ages and, at just 3 dollars off from the lowest ever price, it definitely deserves a look.

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  1. FYI, the citadels version at 11$ is the classic version, not the one you mentioned in your article (which is called 2016 edition). Citadels is a great game, but unfortunately I did not find it at a low price for now.

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