Enjoy Nostalgia With the ‘Star Wars: Topps Classic Sticker Book’

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I used to be a big card collector, especially if those card packs included stickers because, let’s be honest, they were the best part. I was a little too young to catch the first few series of Star Wars trading cards and stickers, but I did collect quite a few of them (I still have a handful that I’ve passed on to my son).

Imagine my surprise and joy when Topps published a sticker book of all those classic vintage stickers! The Star Wars Topps Classic Sticker Book includes over 250 vintage stickers. Though they aren’t in card format, ALL of the stickers are here and included for your use. Stickers from all of the original series are spread across the majority of the book along with details of the card series and date they originally came from. Yes, even the The Force Awakens vintage-style stickers from a couple of years ago are included.

As an added bonus there are five pull-out posters. Now, the posters would be perfectly fine as a place to put your stickers–each poster has a giant scene printed on it–jumping to hyperspace, the hall where Leia’s cell on the Death Star was, a Hoth landscape, etc.–but the reverse side of each pull-put has the puzzle posters printed on them. If you don’t remember, or weren’t a collector, the backs of some of the trading cards were pieces of a large picture. Assuming you got all of the cards needed, you could lay them all out to get the large photo. Inevitably, unless you were really lucky or could afford to buy a giant pile of card packs, your pictures, like mine, were never complete. I love being able to see them in all of their glory.

But the best part of this book, like most of my geeky nostalgia, is that its a great new way to share it with my kids. My son is the biggest Star Wars fan I know, and he loves this sticker book. Just look at the posters he made, and promptly demanded we hang in his room!

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