The SpiderLight Backpacker – Secure Camera Holster for Photographers on the Go

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A camera on the hip, and a GoPro on the backpack. Photo: SpiderHolster

SpiderHolster, a professional camera accessory company, has expanded its lineup for active photographers. The SpiderLight series has been around for a while, but it is getting even better. The newest installment is the Backpacker. This all-inclusive kit allows you to mount your camera on your backpack or belt. Compatible with a huge range of cameras, the only requirements are that your camera is mirror-less and has a tripod port. The kit also includes an adapter for GoPro cameras, making this one of the most versatile camera mounts on the market.

Photo: SpiderHolster

The SpiderLight Backpacker starts with the basics of the SpiderLight series: the SpiderLight camera holster. This two-part system allows you to wear your camera on your belt. The plate attaches to your camera in the same way a standard tripod does. Don’t worry, you can still use a tripod. The plate has another tripod dock built in. The holster itself clips to your belt. Using a pin on the plate, your camera locks into the holster and hangs freely. To release your camera, slide the spring-loaded lock open.

If, like me, you don’t like the idea of your camera swinging freely, don’t fret. That’s what the rest of the kit is for.

Photo: SpiderHolster

Here you can see the kit fully installed. The holster is now attached to the wearer’s backpack, but uses the same mechanism. The holster is attached using a 4-piece clip which securely attaches to your backpack.

Photo: SpiderHolster

Here are all the parts. On the left, you can see the two primary components of the clip. The back piece has substantial teeth to bite into your backpack strap. To the far right, you can see a large Velcro band, and just to its left, a rubber pad. The Velcro band slides through the rubber pad and the back of the clip, sandwiching your backpack strap in place. To secure things, the back part of the clip snaps into the front using 4 hefty pins. You won’t want to casually clip this to things, though. It’s a pain to take off again.

Photo: SpiderHolster

To keep your camera from sliding around, the padded section hanging from the clip gives your camera a place to rest, and it has a Velcro strip to hold it in place. This is the key feature, in my opinion. Even regular over-the-neck straps leave your camera dangling, but the Backpacker keeps it snug to the chest. If you’re using a GoPro, the padding might be in the way, but everything functions normally if you remove the padded section using an Allen wrench.

The SpiderLight Backpacker:

The system works.
Your camera is secure.
Your camera is accessible.
It’s easy to use.
Compatible with all SpiderHolster products.

The plate adds weight to your camera.
It’s difficult to remove from your backpack strap.
At $125, it’s not cheap. Professional grade equipment never is, though.

The SpiderLight Backpacker is a great product for any level of user. Keep your camera handy, keep it safe. It is a bit of an investment, but the solid construction means it will be useful for years. If the Backpacker is a little overkill, you can also opt to get just the SpiderLight holster, which only clips to the belt.

Disclaimer: SpiderHolster was kind enough to provide a unit for review purposes.

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