Celebrate the ‘Powerpuff’ Girls on Hulu With the #RealLifePowerpuff Contest!


Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls is a show that kids of all ages can enjoy (I know we did – poor Mojo Jojo!). If you’d like to enjoy this classic show, our sponsoring partner Hulu would like you to know that you can now watch every single episode, wherever you are, whenever you are, just by joining!

And Hulu is celebrating the launch of The Powerpuff Girls by highlighting amazing girls – Real Life Powerpuff Girls – across the country (excellently timed with today’s International Women’s Day)! Since GeekDad and GeekMom are all about raising powerful kids, we can totally get behind this!

#RealLifePowerpuff girls are doing rad things and inspiring others along the way, whether working in the fields of science or sports, or doing great things for their families and community. If you have an awesome, inspiring, powerful girl or woman in your life, share your #RealLifePowerpuff girl by posting a photo or video of them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tag it with #RealLifePowerpuff and #Contest (and cc @GeekDads and @GeekMomBlog if you like). Don’t forget to include what makes her awesome and they might get shared and enter you to win a special PPG prize! Visit the official website.

The #RealLifePowerpuff contest runs through the end of March, so check it out!



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