Kickstarter Alert: Greetings From the Solar System Postcards and Coloring Sheets

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Thanks to the golden pen of Mark Gonyea, you can now get a set of astronomically beautiful postcards and coloring sheets titled Greetings from the Solar System. As you can see in the gallery, each of the nine primary bodies of the Solar System are included. No, there’s no Pluto, but I stand with that design decision. Mostly because science, of course.

All backers will receive PDF copies of the coloring sheets, with standard backing levels including postcards, PDFs, and sticker sheets featuring the full-color art. This risks of this project are low. The project is already funded, and Mark has run several Kickstarter campaigns in the past. If you like the art, go get this set. You have 17 days to hop on board.

While talking to Mark, he hinted at freebies that might be snuck in for backers if the project backers continue to grow. Though there’s no official stretch goal for it, Mark has confirmed he’ll be including a 10th postcard, at least! Keep an eye on the Kickstarter page to find out what else is in store.

If you like the art or want to support the artist, but you’re not into these particular pieces, you can sign up for Mark’s monthly mailing list to get behind-the-scenes images of works in progress, Q&A, and discount codes for his Etsy shop.

When my postcards come, I’ll probably frame them. I want to enjoy them before I set them loose on the world. I like having fresh new art on my walls, so it’s a natural part of my flow. Once I’ve enjoyed them for a while, I’ll mail them out to people who appreciate great art, and they’ll have their own part of the Solar System to display.

The stickers will most definitely find their way into astronomy books for kids at the local library, with a note encouraging them to love their world! I love chances like this to engage kids in science, art, and a little bit of fun. After all, one of my favorite riddles is, “On which planet are spacesuits optional?” The groan-worthy answer is, of course, Earth. Use that one at your own peril. Your kids may disown you for a few minutes.

Brass tacks, though. How much is it going to cost you? Backing levels range from $1 to $25, so the bank won’t be broken for this project. Check out the full details on the Kickstarter page.

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