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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 119: Lisa Loeb

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This week, we’re chatting with one of the most recognizable faces of 90s pop: Lisa Loeb. Seriously, her songs “Stay (I Missed You)” (video directed by Ethan Hawke!), “I Do,” and “Do You Sleep?” will basically time warp you back to the mid 90s. However, stopping there would be selling her short. Criminally so.

Over the years, Loeb has been averaging a new album every year or two, and she’s found wild success in what might be an unlikely place: children’s music. Her most recent release, Feel What U Feel, is a great collection of songs with powerful and relevant messages for kids (and their parents).

Away from music, Loeb has pursued an acting career, has a role on the Amazon Original animated series Creative Galaxy, runs her own charity devoted to helping kids in need go to summer camp, and has lent her name to a line of glasses and coffee!

On this episode, I’m joined by fellow GeekDad Mike LeSauvage, and we chat with Loeb about her music; how her approach to songwriting, singing, and performing has changed over the years; her role on Amazon’s Creative Galaxy; how being a mom has affected her career; the Camp Lisa Foundation; and where she finds the time and energy to simultaneously stay engaged in so many different creative worlds.



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