Kickstarter Alert: DualCase for Dual Slinging Phones

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If your work/home life requires you to carry two separate smartphones, then the DualCase can help you wield them with a little bit of style.

The next best thing to just carrying a single phone (Image from Kickstarter)

Almost exactly two years ago today I wrote my first article here at GeekDad titled “Doing the Two-Smartphone Shuffle.” In that article, I talked about a few things I do to make owning two smartphones as useful as possible (including trying to avoid having to carry both phones). But if my weekly staff meetings at work are any indication (where our table is lined with double stacked smartphones), I think there are quite a few people who still need to carry two smartphones. That is probably why my first GeekDad article has received so many views, which also helps explain how I learned about DualCase. Willie Blount, CEO and founder of DualCase, read my Two-Smartphone article and reached out to GeekDad about his latest product:

“Do you struggle managing the balance between your work and personal life? Having a work and a personal phone just adds to the chaos, at DualCase we’re here to help you make your life easier.

In 2013 we realized the struggle through personal experience of managing multiple phones. We searched high and low for a solution that made sense, but could never find the right product to solve our problems.

Now, fast forward through three years of struggling through managing multiple phones and we have finally created the perfect solution!”

Keep work and home separate, but in a single case (Image from Kickstarter)

DualCase isn’t Willie Blount’s first go at a new product either. His first product, BEARTek Bluetooth Gloves, was on Shark Tank last year (Season 7, Episode 16). So if you still have to carry two phones, check out the DualCase on Kickstarter. If you have to carry two phones, at least make it easy on yourself.

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