Get the Sphero BB-8 for $55 Off! Try Some Magnetic Tape for Fun and DIY – Daily Deals!

Daily Deals 031817

Probably the most perfect melding of an existing toy/gadget property (the Sphero R/C sphere) and a movie license (Star Wars) brought us one of the hottest holiday gifts. But if you passed one the Sphero BB-8 then because it was a little expensive, now’s the time to jump and pick one up for an upcoming birthday, mom’s/dad’s day, or whatever. The Sphero BB-8 is on sale today for $55 off list; check it out!

This pick is for the DIY-ers, modders, cosplayers, and anyone who likes playing with the fundamental forces of nature. Magnetic tape: it’s a 1″ wide by 10′ long roll of flexible magnet with a sticky back. You can put it inside cupboard to hand utensils, in the workshop for tools and hardware, or anywhere you need to be able to stick and un-stick something metal. Handy, and just a bit magical. On sale today for $11!


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