Save on All the Princess Stuff; Get a USB-Rechareable Glowing Collar : Check Out the Daily Deals!

Daily Deals 031717

There’s a new princess movie out this weekend (well, really, it’s a tale as old as time…), and in recognition of that, Amazon has put basically all their Disney Princess gear on sale. And let me tell you, that’s a LOT of princess gear! From dress-up costumes to archer toys to books and movies, everything with a princess on it is on sale. So if you have a self-rescuing princess in your life, check out the deals!

Want to add a little safety when you walk your dog at night? How about being able to keep your eyes on your little ones when you’re at a theme park or outdoor event after dark? Instead of those one-use chemical bands, pick up one of these rechargeable LED glowing collars. They can be cut to fit, and recharge from a USB port. On sale today for just $8!


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