10 New Gadget Kickstarters to Watch This Week

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beamBeam: The smart projector that fits in any light socket
A digital projector that screws in like a lightbulb — over the kitchen table, maybe.

CogniToys: Internet-connected Smart Toys that Learn and Grow
This educational dinosaur leverages the brains of IBM’s Watson.

Krossblade SkyProwler Multi-Mission VTOL Transformer Drone
Hovers like a copter, then turns more plane-like for faster flight.

The REALM System
Adding resistance to videogame controllers for a more physical experience.

Radium – the Professional, Easy to use Geiger Counter
From a guy who grew up with the legacy of the Chernobyl disaster.

JamBlaster – Play music in real time with others from home
When the band can’t get together, just jam in the cloud.

UnaliWear Kanega Watch: Extending Independence with Dignity
A smartwatch for the elderly that doesn’t need to connect to a phone.

Grifta – Morphing Gamepad
Nicely designed ergonomic game controller.

ISS Above HD+ with Wearable Bluetooth Low Energy LEDs
Just launched! New version of a device that tells you when the ISS is overhead.

Taking Selfies of People Taking Selfies with Selfie Sticks
“I’m making a selfie stick that’s twice the length of regular selfie sticks.”

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