Review: Brookstone’s CityBug2 Gets You Moving

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Hey good looking. No, not you. The scooter. Source: Brookstone.

Everyone gets the Brookstone catalogue, right? A curated selection of fun toys and personal items, I have always seen their team at press events. Yet nothing has ever grabbed me. Until this fall. I opened the catalogue to see…this lovely thing:

I was filled with needs I did not know I had. Source: Brookstone.

Look at that thing. How can you not love it? While CityBug makes scooters for other outlets, the Brookstone model is unique to them, and it includes lights. Meaning for close to the same price (and we will get back to that) as the “standard” version, you can get a CityBug2 with higher visibility. Always good when dealing with a riding device that may or may not to be on the street (Check local laws, and always wear a helmet).

Assembling and charging the CityBug2 was a dream. Unfortunately, once that was done I was stuck. You see, the CityBug2 uses a push-pull acceleration model. I have some recent shoulder damage which prevented me from using the scooter. I just did not have the leverage without pain. So my friend Ben came over. One kick to get started and boom, he was zipping down the block, near the maximum 11 MpH. The battery holds enough charge for a little over 11 miles, but even if you run out of juice, it works perfectly as a kick scooter. The battery indicator is easy to read, and as is the start button ( I pressed it with my toe).

Come back with my new love! Source: Brookstone.

I quite loved how the CityBug2 folded up neatly. This made it easy to store while waiting for my friend to come test it. It also makes it just about perfect for a city commute (but use bike lanes, please). You can go from scooting to public transit and back. Weighing under 30 lbs, it’s very portable. When unfolded, it rides smoothly on asphalt and concrete (assuming your sidewalks are not too uneven). It’s not made for off-roading, mind you, so do not try. And also, the step-break works perfectly, instantly cutting power.

As I mentioned at the start of the review, Brookstone is about luxury brands. With the original price (which I will not mention), I was not ready to suggest the CityBug2. However, at $599 the scooter is much more affordable and a better value than several other scooters in that range. It’s better made, and the lights are a deal-sealer.

If your kids are scooting around on electronic bikes or cars, here’s a perfect way for Geek Dads and GeekMoms to keep up.

Note: Brookstone sent me the CityBug2 to review.

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