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Re-Roll: This Week’s Tabletop Game News

Re-Roll Tabletop Games

Here are the latest announcements and stories that caught our eyes this week:

  • Get used to it; I’m going to talk about Rising Sun a lot. I’m really excited for this game. This week, CMON had two articles about the upcoming game from Eric Lang. The first talks about the battle system and the other addresses the often talked about diplomacy system in the game.
  • BoardGameGeek has a whole bunch of tweets they pulled from their feed and put together in a post–all about the games revealed at Toy Fair this past week. There’s a lot there (and you should check it out), but of interest to a lot of people are Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats, a standalone scenario game, and a look at the front and back of Pandemic Legacy, Season 2.
  • If you’re into X-Wing, check out this preview of the C-Roc Cruiser Expansion. It is a HUGE ship with lots of benefits and sure to become the center of your fleet… as long as you don’t mind playing as intergalactic scum.
  • Also on the way from Fantasy Flight is an expansion for Eldritch Horror. Cities in Ruin is a potpourri of horrible disasters–typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes–not to mention the evil from below. Look for the destruction, devastation, and disaster expansion in Q2.
  • If you like playing Edge of the Empire, like the GeekDad & GeekMom staff, you’ll be excited to learn that there are new bounty hunter specialization packs available. You can find the three specialization and one signature abilities decks at your FLGS today.
  • Braintopia, a fast-paced game that challenges your mental agility, is available now. There are a variety of fun tests, including cards with textures. Look for a review from GeekDad very soon.
  • Next week will see a number of big releases at your local game stores: Letters from Whitechapel, an outstanding hidden movement game, gets an expansion called Dear Boss. It has a number of decks to tweak the balance and even has minis! Iello will release the first of a line of Monster Packs, all compatible with both King of Tokyo and King of New York. First up? Cthulhu! Stronghold will begin selling Coal Baron: The Great Card Game, based on the popular board game Coal Baron. And, finally, Tasty Minstrel has a really interesting sounding game, 3-4 Headed Monster (for 3-4 players, natch). In the bluffing and deduction game, players each control a head and must try to control the monster for several rounds to win.
  • Last up, Thames & Kosmos used Toy Fair to announce their game lineup for 2017. Of note, a new Ken Follett game, A Column of Fire, which will be hitting shelves in the fall, along with re-releases of The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End. There are also a variety of versions of EXIT, Thames & Kosmos’ escape room games, Ingenious, a Reiner Knizia tile game, previously published by FFG, and Mag-O-Mag, a vertical maze game by Catan’s Klaus Teuber. There is a lot more to see–including more titles in their new line of children’s games. Look for these new titles throughout 2017.

Finally, here’s what some of the GeekDad Crew has been playing this week:

  • Ryan Hiller: Pathfinder RPG
  • Randy Slavey: Tic Tac Tower, 7 Wonders, Dominion, Family Feud
  • Rob Huddleston: Pests! (KS prototype), Dubai: Rebuild the Ruins (KS prototype), Five Tribes, Champions of Midgard, Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Robin Brooks: Cauldron Master (KS prototype), Dixit, Tsuro, Codenames (original and pictures), Sushi Go! Party. Lord of the Rings: Journey to Mordor, Warhammer 40,000
  • Michael Harrison: Arkham Horror LCG, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Carcassonne, Colt Express, Great Heartland Hauling Company, Quadropolis, Robot Turtles, Lords of Waterdeep, Yspahan
  • Jonathan Liu: Shadowrift, Lil Cthulhu, Can’t Stop Express, Eko, Gloomhaven, Cavern Tavern, Clank!, Dead Man’s Draw, Element, Food Truck Champion, PACG: Mummy’s Mask, Strife: Legacy of the Eternals
  • Dave Banks: 7 Wonders Duel, Constellations (a new Xtronaut coming to Kickstarter, soon), Starfall, Castles of Caladale, Valeria: Card Kingdoms, Braintopia
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