RPG T-Shirts Done Right by Games Sesh

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Games Sesh T-shirts
Awesome RPG T-shirts from Game Sesh. The T-shirts can stay but the models went straight back to the agency. Photo: Robin Brooks

I love it when a plan comes together: Sitting around the table, oddly shaped dice at the ready. The thief is in position, the wizard has a spell on his lips, and the fighter steadies his grip on his double-handed blade. For a moment, at least until somebody moves, they are a cohesive force.

But maybe you want something else to hold you together? A visual clue that you are heroes; that you are brethren (or sistren)? What better way could there be to bind your party tighter together than a uniform? “Uniform?” you ask, looking at my fevered jottings askance. “We’re not an army. We’re not faceless automata given to ordered killing,” you reply. “We have purpose. We have personality. We are all individuals!”

He may look to be asleep but the Barbarian is always ready. Photo: Robin Brooks

If that’s the case, UK based Games Sesh has the perfect t-shirts for your dungeoneering party. They bring coherent uniformity to the game-table, are individually tailored to your character, and look great too. All the major character types are represented, though at the moment only for fantasy games. The t-shirts are of fine quality; nice and soft after just one wash. The print is bold, bright, and well affixed. Each piece of art has at least one die represented somewhere and the t-shirts come with a free die of the same type.

The dice add a really nice touch. With my GM’s “Step into the Unknown” T-shirt, I received a good quality, very pleasing Chessex D20 (If you’ve read this far you understand the power of good dice.) Currently, it’s not possible to change the color of the t-shirt for a particular character type, but that’s something Ben at Games Sesh hopes to offer soon. Wearing our character t-shirts was great fun, adding further camaraderie to our day. They look great and should appeal to RPG geeks everywhere!

For GeekDad readers, the team at Games Sesh have an exclusive discount code, valid indefinitely. So if you visit Game Sesh be sure to type in GEEKDAD10 when you checkout.  The code is for t-shirts only, but can be used more than once.


Games Sesh T-Shirts
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Disclaimer: GeekDad’s party of 7 got two free t-shirts for writing this review. 

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