New ‘Daniel Tiger for Parents’ App From PBS Kids

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PBS Kids has just released a new app based on the show Daniel Tiger‘s Neighborhood, but this time, its for parents!

I’ve written about Daniel Tiger a few times because it has long been one of our family’s favorite shows. We try to limit our son’s TV watching and so try to choose shows that provide some value above just entertainment. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is at the top of that list because, aside from the lessons in each show, every lesson is usually accompanied by a song that summarizes and helps teach and reinforce the lesson.

We both sing the songs when we want to use them because they’ve been very effective, especially when we were potty training and when we’ve needed help with sharing and controlling angry outbursts. My wife is lucky enough to be great with music. She hears a song once and not only remembers the lyrics but can sing them beautifully. On the other hand, I need multiple listenings to a song to get all of the words, and even then I’m fairly tone deaf and sing pretty badly.  And this is exactly where the new Daniel Tiger for Parents app comes in handy!

The app allows parents to look up the songs and videos by category, like “Self Control,” and get a listing of the appropriate songs. With a tap, you get quick access to the song without having to remember all of the lyrics or have any singing ability! The app also gives parents tips on things to do or talk about that go along with a given song. For example, on the “A New Baby” song screen, there are recommendations to take about finding time to play together while the new baby is sleeping, along with a video clip from the show you can watch together about finding playtime when there’s a new baby around.

The last little feature is a way to take photos tagged to the videos and songs so you can log your family’s participation or reactions to certain songs and videos to keep track of which worked best, or just for fun!

With over 100 songs, videos, and tips, this app is a great little portable Daniel Tiger catalog that any family who is a fan should have on hand. And if you aren’t yet a fan of Daniel Tiger, this is a great time to jump on board the trolley. This great new app is free for both Apple and Android users.

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