Daily Deals 020717

Save Big on Organic Coffee Beans, Have Fun Playing ‘Zombie Flux’ – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 020717

I’m a big fan of good coffee, which is why I include deals on good coffee-making equipment whenever I see them. Well, today it’s a great deal on the other half of the equation: the beans. Koffee Kult┬áis a Florida-based roaster that ethically sources organic coffee beans and ships them all over so folks can make the best cup of coffee every day at home (or wherever). And today, via Amazon, they are offering a 2-lb. bag of beans (or ground coffee, but really, it’s always better to buy beans, and grind them yourself), for just $21!

The Flux series of card games are a blast for family play. The core gameplay is hilarious, because the rules of the game can change on any given turn with the play of a card. And more fun is how they’ve adapted the core game to a wide and enjoyable variety of genres, including Sci-Fi, Monsters, even Monty Python. But today, you can get a great deal, and pick up Zombie Flux for just $11!


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