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Cosplay is becoming more and more popular around the world and at conventions. I’ve personally found a lot of joy and personal confidence doing cosplay at conventions, and the number one reason I started was as an activity with my son. After seeing a great panel about Cosplay Families at Rose City Comic Con a couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk to parents and families who cosplay and spotlight them here on GeekDad!

Cosplay Family Spotlight is a new recurring segment where I interview and spotlight a cosplay family. This week, I interview Cos.n.Fx.

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How many members of your family are involved in cosplay?
Photo by Cos.n.Fx.

There are four in our family who cosplay. My wife and I and our six-year-old twin girls.

How did you and your family get in to cosplay and prop/armor making? Did one particular member start it or did you all jump in together? What was your first cosplay?
I have been into Halloween and horror movies my whole life, and when I found cosplay it all just blew up from there. My first cosplay was a set of Halo Armor.
Do you have a favorite cosplay of yours? A favorite group cosplay you’ve done as a family?
Locust. Photo by Cos.n.Fx.

For me, it’s my newest Locust costume from Gears of War.
My wife’s is Jade from the cartoon Shadow Raiders.
For the girls, the newest costumes we made–the Iris and Kjersti from Monster High.

Speaking of group cosplay, do you always try to cosplay together? Or do you all do your own thing?
Jade. Photo by Cos.n.Fx.

We kind of do our own thing.

Do you have a favorite piece that challenged you?
Iris. Photo by Cos.n.Fx.

The most challenging thing so far is sculpting the face for my daughters Iris mask. I am new to sculpting for the most part so it was a challenge getting everything to look just right.

Akasha. Photo by Cos.n.Fx.

For my wife, it was probably patterning the collar of her Akasha armor.

What’s your favorite “medium” to work in (sewing, EVA foam, resin casting, etc.)?
Foam for both of us, I would say. It’s super easy to work with, and you can pretty much do anything with it.
It’s been awhile, but I used to do quite a bit of scale model building and I see a lot of similarities in techniques between small-scale building and prop and armor building. Have you ever done any scale modeling or smaller scale builds?
Marcus Fenix. Photo by Cos.n.Fx.

I have built a lot of model cars as a kit and now love to build Gundam models.

Most of our readers are parents and, like me, want to share their geeky interests with their kids. I’ve been doing father and son cosplay with my son since he was born. Do you have any suggestions on how parents can get their kids interested and involved with cosplay and fabrication?
Casta. Photo by Cos.n.Fx.

Just find something they love and roll with it. Never push them away when they ask how this or that is done and make sure to feed their love for art. My girls have their own clay and love to draw and paint all the time and, as much as a six-year-old can, they help us on the costumes. I think because they see us having so much fun wearing and making things, they want to be a part of it.

Something along the lines of “Being a geek isn’t about what you love but how you love it” is sort of the new geek mantra. Do you have anything, besides cosplay, that you consider yourself a geek about?
Janne. Photo by Cos.n.Fx.

Cars. I love working on old cars and watching shows about building and fixing them up.
My wife’s love is art. She draws comic books and portraits, and this was her passion before she started cosplay.

What upcoming conventions do you have on your schedule that people could see you at?
Raven. Photo by Cos.n.Fx.

We are thinking about Connooga and Momocon. DragonCon for sure, but we normally don’t bring the girls yet to larger cons.

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2 thoughts on “Cosplay Family Spotlight: Cos.n.Fx

  1. Why not focus on a family that is just as geeky, have had great trips trying to go to cons, are very proud of celebs they’ve met at cons but don’t cosplay. Oh, they don’t cosplay, they must be boring.
    why does it seem that cosplay is the be all end all of geekdom.
    I understand you’re a prop builder so have a connection to this. and perhaps as a writer for geekdad this is your targeted interest.

    1. Hey Glenn, thanks for reading! You’re right that I am a costumer and prop builder so cosplay is one of my big geek interests hence the reason I wanted to do this column. My goal has been about inspiring families who have maybe thought about it but never tried and to also shine a light on the hard work these parents do. My intention has never been to disparage families who don’t cosplay. I do write a lot about cosplay so this was a natural extension of that.

      All that being said, I do like your idea. Let me mull it over and talk to my editors.

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