Marvel Collector Corps Showcases Superhero Showdowns

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Time to break out the new Marvel box. This month’s release had some added verve, as it was dropped off right when my six-year old came home from school. He usually doesn’t unbox these with me. You know what? It’s a lot more fun with him.

“Enough talking, Aba. Open the box!”

The included pins this time are a facing off Iron Man/Ultron and “split face” Red Hulk/Hulk. My son liked the pin.

That blur is his hand, reaching out to snatch it.

The comic was a disappointment, for a change. For one thing, Inhumans vs. X-Men is just a terrible, terrible comic book. For another, Logan is dead in the X-Verse, and Sabertooth is a quasi-good guy now. What MCC did here, it seems, is take a classic showdown pairing and stick it on a modern comic, trying to make it as close to not random as possible.

Good posing, bad comic. SO BAD.

Now, that shirt you see sticking out? Much better. Doesn’t get more classic than this:

Love the color choices here.

Two Pint Size Heroes were also included, the first time this new line has been in a collector box. They weren’t blind-bagged, though, and the choices were obvious.

“Wait, aren’t I Hydra now?”

Finally, we get a set of two bobbles, featuring Daredevil in his newest costume. I love the detailing on his little wrist blades. Bullseye having a sai is a nice touch too.

“Can I play with these right now, Aba?!”

That’s it for this month. It feels a little less “aww yeah” than normal, but that may be because I spent the weekend looking at the coming Funko toys for 2017 (ToyFair, YAY!). It also may be because I’m already dreaming about April’s box, featuring Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Please let it have baby Groot.

I mentioned a question in the teaser. I enjoy doing these box reviews and metrics say y’all like reading them. Would you like them better as a video, though? Let us know in the comments.

Keep ’em flying!
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