Unbagging the New Funko Pint Size Heroes

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Funko is the big name in the vinyl figure market, and one way they stay in that slot is by adding new lines constantly.  Back in August they announced Pint Sized Heroes, a set of blind-bagged collectible figures. Available at all fine stores in Spider-Man, Batman, and Steven Universe sets, there are some specific exclusives to Hot Topic and GameStop.

Little Toys. Big Fun. Source: Funko.
Little Toys. Big Fun.
Source: Funko.

Funko was kind enough to set me up with a small box of the Pint Sized heroes. My son, a huge fan of blind-bag videos, suggested we make one of our own:

I have to say, I love these things. They may well be perfect “rewards” for my son, who loves both character lineups. Or at least, that’s the excuse I’m going to use until I get Spider-Man 2099, a Nightwing and a Batgirl of Burnside figure. Oh, and a black costume Spider-Man! And a tiny Penguin.

I do not have a vinyl problem.

Note: Funko sent me these things unasked for. Like any good pusher, they know that the first taste is free, but I’ll be back.

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