Save the Scottie Dog With Your ‘Monopoly’ Token Madness Vote

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This is the Scottie Dog.

Jacques found that the game could get…ruff. (Image Credit: Hasbro)

He was always my token in Monopoly.


And now? Well now, there are fifty-eight upstart tokens all slavering to take his (and the other original tokens’ places) in the Monopoly Token Madness online campaign. They range from the whimsical (Bunny Slippers) to the “on the nose” (Money Clip) to the “why the heck not?” (T-Rex). And let’s not even talk about the emojis.

It’s easy to cast your vote. Head over to the Vote Monopoly home page to access Mr. Monopoly’s apartment. Once there, click around and preview all the tokens, old and new. If you find one you like, click and select it. You can choose up to eight tokens before you submit your vote.

I know, I know. But I couldn’t resist a Mr. Monopoly emoji! (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time that Hasbro has gone to the public for help deciding on which tokens would stay and which would go. Back in 2013, there was a “Save Your Token” campaign that ended up with the ouster of the original Iron token in favor of the Cat token.

Monopoly might not be anyone’s favorite game (besides my daughter; but that’s only because we have…spirited house rules); but chances are, everyone has a favorite Monopoly token that serves as a familiar point of calm and refuge for when we’ve been pulled into a game. And I’ve found, if there’s one way to get people to suddenly care about something that they didn’t even realize they had feelings for in the first place, it’s to threaten to take it away.

So go forth! Hit up and choose your tokens before Token Madness ends on January 31.

Look, you’ve got 7 other choices, I’m just asking for one of them. (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

Just as long as one of your eight is the Scottie Dog.

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