Kickstarter Alert! ‘The Little Particle That Could’ Teaches Kids Particle Physics

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If you’ve ever wanted to teach your geekling about particle physics but weren’t sure where to begin, try reading them The Little Particle That Could, a storybook for young children that just launched on Kickstarter. It’s a whimsical story about a cute graviton who notices a passing photon and wants to get to know him better. So she follows him around, even through a black hole, until she eventually catches up with him. The book covers fun topics such as gravity, relativity, light, and particle physics in a way that’s completely understandable for kids.

Written by Jason Rodriguez, the editor of Colonial Comics, the book is quite affordable, with a backer level starting at $12 including domestic shipping! One of the stretch goals is to turn the book into a high quality board book, which would help introduce these concepts to even younger kids.

It’s never too early to learn the basics. Check out the Kickstarter campaign to pledge. The campaign just launched, and goes through February.

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1 thought on “Kickstarter Alert! ‘The Little Particle That Could’ Teaches Kids Particle Physics

  1. Jenny Bristol, please be aware that Einstein’s relativity has been disproved both theoretically and experimentally (see “Challenge to the special theory of relativity” March 1, 2016 Physics Essays). The most obvious and indisputable evidence is the absolute time shown by the universally synchronized clocks on the GPS satellites which are moving with huge velocities relative to each other (see Wikipedia on GPS: The GPS concept is based on time and the known position of specialized satellites. The satellites carry very stable atomic clocks that are synchronized with one another and to ground clocks.) while special relativity claims that time is relative (i.e. different on different reference frame) and can never be synchronized on clocks with relative velocities.

    That is, there are many wrong concepts in that book which should never be taught to kids!!!

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