Daily Deals 012117

Get a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11E for $335, Save 30% on an Indoor Grill – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 012117

Need an excellent, portable, Windows convertible laptop for on-the-go, but can’t spend too much scratch on it? Check out this deal on a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11E. It’s a relatively basic machine, but sometimes that’s all you (or your kid/student/parent) needs. Pick one up today for just $335!

Sometimes you want to grill, but you don’t want (or can’t) fire up the BBQ. The T-Fal Opti-Grill is a great little component for your kitchen, allowing you to grill efficiently, indoors, with very little muss, and almost no fuss. Use it to grill meat and veggies, try it as a panini press, and try it as the finisher for those sous vide dishes you’ve been making, rather than pulling out a skillet. Pick one up today for just $93!


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