Save Big on Under-Bed Night Lights, Up Your Kids’ ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Cosplay With Some Greaves – Daily Deals!

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Daily Deals 010317

Have you got a little one with worries about the dark, especially under their bed? Maybe this is the solution: it’s warm LED strip lighting paired with a motion detector and timer. All they have to do is touch their foot on the floor at the side of their bed, and the warm, soothing under-bed lighting comes on to allay their worries and light the way. Great for parents as well – so no one needs to turn on the light on the nightstand when they need to hit the bathroom.  Check it out for just $18 today!

Is it time for some cosplay or a visit to the Renn Faire? Then it’s time to get these medieval heavy leather greaves that will go great with any period costume. They’re on sale today for just $47!


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