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Almost Got ‘Im

5-8 players ♠ 30 minutes ♠ Ages 15+

Price: ~$15 according to

The Batman villains are at a poker game – but so is Batman, in disguise. Which among them is the caped crusader?

"It's hot. But not as hot as the night Johnny Viti got married."
“It’s hot. But not as hot as the night Johnny Viti got married.”

Based on the Paul Dini episode of Batman: The Animated Series, Almost Got ‘Im is a social deduction game in the style of Werewolf with poker as its main gameplay element. Ferret out the Batman by building and playing poker hands to activate your special abilities, and figure out his identity before he takes you all down.

Price: ~$15 according to


Jump Drive

2-4 players ♠ 30 minutes ♠ Ages 13+

Price: ~$17 according to

Based on the Race for the Galaxy game system, Jump Drive is a science fiction card game that asks you to settle faraway new worlds and build a space empire.


Easier to teach and shorter than its older cousin Race for the Galaxy, Jump Drive puts its players through a fast-paced game of research, combo building, and prosperity.


Light & Dark

2 players ♠ 15 minutes ♠ Ages 10+

Price: ~$10 according to

A disk game of druids for 2 players – that’s what the box reads, and I honestly can’t think of a better way to describe Light & Dark.

Battle of the beards.
Battle of the beards.

A simple game about flicking druids and trying to hit your opponent’s druids while not getting hit. Play cards like Heartseeker Bolt or Illumination Manipulation to give yourself bonus powers. Convert all your opponent’s druids to your side and win!


Saboteur: The Duel

2 players ♠ 30 minutes ♠ Ages 8+

Price: ~$13 according to

The game of dwarf mining and sabotage – for one or two players. Saboteur: The Duel is a standalone spin-off of the classic game of underground betrayal.

"Gold, gold, gold, gold..." "No, that's the THIRD verse!"
“Gold, gold, gold, gold…” “No, that’s the THIRD verse!”

Players still build underground paths using cards but this time either in competition with themselves or directly against the other player who is going to be trying to block and hinder you as much as possible. There’s also a Troll who demands you pay the toll to get past him… there’s a lot going on, but the bottom line is: richest player wins.


The Colonists

1-4 players ♠ 30-360 minutes ♠ Ages 12+

Price: ~$80 according to

Job creation – that’s the goal of this game.

With art by Agricola's Klemens Franz
With art by Agricola’s Klemens Franz

Players take on the role of Mayors who must grow their town and make jobs for their people – farmers, carpenters, weavers. As people are drawn to your town, it will grow, and you can upgrade your buildings and compete for limited resources.

With different difficulty levels and modes of play, The Colonists is suitable for novices and experts alike.


Expansions & Reprints

Islebound: Metropolis

2-4 players ♠ 60-120 minutes ♠ Ages 13+

Price: ~$15 according to

Ryan Laukat’s game of pirates and trading gets its first expansion in Islebound: Metropolis. 40 new buildings, new reputation cards, and way more options await you in this small box expansion.

"City City"
“City City”


Eldritch Horror: The Dreamlands

1-8 players ♠ 120-240 minutes ♠ Ages 14+

Price: ~$42 according to

In a slightly bigger box is Eldritch Horror: The Dreamlands. This expansion to the game of global exploration and investigation sends players to the land of Nod to battle Altach-Nacha the Dreamweaver and Hypnos, the Lord of Sleep. Wander new locations, have new adventures and encounters, and don’t forget to eat…

"It has been months since you saw the sunset city in a dream..."
“It has been months since you saw the sunset city in a dream…”


Mansions of Madness: Beyond the Threshold

1-5 players ♠ 120-180 minutes ♠ Ages 14+

Price: ~$25 according to

Mansions of Madness: Beyond the Threshold is the first expansion to the second edition of Mansions of Madness – the app-driven game of a house and its mysteries.

Dare you step in?
Dare you step in?

Beyond the Threshold adds two new scenarios (Gates of Silverwood Manor & Vengeful Impulses) and components to integrate with the rest of your game. New investigators, a new monster (the body-stealing Thrall), and plenty of new rooms to get killed in.


Lanterns: The Emperor’s Gifts

204 players ♠ 30 minutes ♠ Ages 8+

Price: ~$13 according to

Lanterns: The Emperor’s Gifts is an expansion to Lanterns: The Harvest Festival which adds pavilions to the game of floating lanterns. Pavilions may be constructed when you place tiles, and if those tiles match the color of the pavilion, you will receive gifts from the emperor which you can spend to activate special powers.

Simple. Gorgeous.
Simple. Gorgeous.


Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures

1-8 players ♠ 60 minutes ♠ Ages 10+

Price: ~$42 according to

Finally, we have the winner of longest title in board games: Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective: Jack The Ripper & West End Adventures.

"From hell."
“From hell.”

This standalone box brings ten new cases: six West End Adventures and four Jack The Ripper cases strung together in a campaign. Reckon you can solve the unsolvable?


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