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Ubisoft has released a new and improved chapter to their Watch Dogs series. This installment builds on what they created in the original Watch Dogs by adding more of what the fans of the series asked for: action, stealth, and brain-teasing puzzles. Not to mention some of the best graphics I have seen on PC, set in the backdrop of one of my favorite cities, San Francisco.


Since the series has moved to a new city, it now has a new hero. Marcus Halloway is the vigilante on the loose and hacking into corporate networks. Many fans applauded this since the previous protagonist, Aiden Pearce, was not a particularly likable character. Marcus’ goals are not necessarily as revenge-driven as Aiden’s. He has a sense of humor about his work, which works at times. At other times? Not so much. He works with a hacker group called Dedsec. Dedsec’s goal is to undermine the Surveillance systems, which have become more akin to George Orwell’s Big Brother in 1984.

Using an RC Car to complete a mission
Using an RC Car to complete a mission

There are many ways in which Marcus can achieve his goals. The most popular way–and the one which best suits the character–is by using stealth and cunning to hack terminals and move around enemies. Marcus has some great tools at his disposal to do this. During the game, you are given tools like an RC Car and a Drone airplane to sneak in and hack your way around the world. What is not in-character is going around and shooting enemies with 3D-printed weapons you can create. Marcus just does not give off the vibe of a killer, but the game has no morality system to punish you for choosing that path–so, if you are so inclined, you may shoot your way in and out.

What I love about the game is the truly open world approach to gameplay. You can spend hours just investigating San Francisco and enjoy yourself in a myriad of ways. I feel that the strength of the game is your ability to really push the stealth envelope. I found myself replaying missions to get the cleanest possible playthrough.

I only played a little of the multiplayer and found it to also be fun and rewarding, especially if you have a good group to play with.


In conclusion, I strongly recommend Watch Dogs 2 for gamers who want to challenge themselves and sharpen their skills beyond the traditional hunt-and-shoot shooters on the market. The game is absolutely beautiful and a delight to play.

Currently, the Game is available on Steam and the Ubisoft Shop for 59.99.

Ubisoft provided a copy of this game for review.

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