‘The Secret Life of Pets’ on Home Video Is Great Family Entertainment for the Holidays

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This is a sponsored post written in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

It can be tough sometimes to keep your family entertained once the holiday season gets going. First, lots of TV shows go on a winter hiatus, and then your kids have a school vacation. Until Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever holiday you may celebrate actually comes, your kids can end up either bouncing off the walls or surgically attached to their smartphones and tablets. Trying to find something the whole family can enjoy together is often an exercise in frustration.

That’s why the Blu-ray/DVD release of The Secret Life of Pets is so welcome. As a newcomer to video, it’s not something you’ve seen so many times you have them memorized; at the same time, it’s funny enough for kids and adults alike to keep everyone’s attention for 90 minutes of movie and nearly an hour of bonus content (including three “mini-movies,” including Mower Minions). If that isn’t enough, if you get the Target-exclusive pack, you’ll also get four pages of decals that your kids can use to decorate their bedrooms.

The Target-exclusive pack
The Target-exclusive pack

This is a sponsored post, but I wouldn’t write this if I didn’t believe it. It’s really worth getting, either as (as I suggested above) a way to boost family togetherness before the holidays or as a present for the holidays themselves.

The Secret Life of Pets is available on Digital HD and for purchase in various home video forms in stores or online. See below for a trailer for the movie.

Images and video: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

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