Daily Deals 120316

Holidaily Deals on Cast Iron Cooking, Bushness Binocs, Metal Detectors, and All of ‘Seinfeld!’

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 120316

If there’s anyone in your family who loves to cook, but doesn’t have a cast iron skillet yet, you’ve found the perfect holiday gift idea right here. Some of the old ideas are still the best ideas, and cast iron cooking is one of those. Excellent heat retention and distribution, and with just a little care (no dishwashers!), a cast iron skillet can last a lifetime and deliver amazing food from stovetop to oven to dinner table. Start here with the Lodge 15″ pre-seasoned skillet for just $45!

The very best thing to take care of your new cast iron skillet is chain mail – YES, chain mail. The metal can’t hurt the skillet, it just helps you scrub the food bits off without using soap (which can de-season the surface). Get The Ringer skillet cleaner today for just $15!

For the bird watcher or live sports fan in the family, get these excellent Bushnell 8×42 binoculars for 50% off!

For the newbie treasure-hunter in the family, find some great deals on metal detectors, all for under $40!

And if you’re celebrating Festivus this season, do it in style: get the complete collection of Seinfeld on DVD for just $40!

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