Funko Marvel Collector Corps Brings Mutant Mayhem

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Last night, I got home crazy late from seeing Rogue One (yay!) to find a familiar face waiting for me:

"I'm the best at what I do, bub."
“I’m the best at what I do, bub.”

That’s right, folks, it’s Collector Corps time! Now, it was late and I was sleepy (still am), but I would hate for you to miss out on Funko and Marvel’s giant blind box. Let’s dive in! *snikt*

I still have to apply these iron ons.
I still have to apply these iron-ons.

My daughter is going to love that Storm badge, but Magneto is all mine.

90's Clops!
’90s Clops!

Full confession? I hardly ever open these custom comics. They end up set aside. But Champions was a fun first issue, and I’m going to make sure the daughter gives this a read. Also, I have a week spot for the ’90s Cyclops design, complete with random straps.

I never knew how badly I needed this until I had it.
I never knew how badly I needed this until I had it.

I love this to death. That they chose to make this old Wolverine (but not Old Man Logan) makes me happy. I’m going to start off a whole new display shelf for this guy.

Putting the "fatal" in "femme fatal".
Putting the “fatal” in “femme fatale.”

Rock Candy is my favorite Funko line, and I love that they are expanding past DC and Barbie. Mystique is a perpetual fan favorite and a perfect fit for the line. She’s currently appearing in the X-Men books as a “bad guy but doing good things,” which is a good fit for her (even if we do have way too many X-Men bad guys going down that road).

Last but not least, there was one item I could not get a picture of, so here’s one from the sheet:


I love this so much, I plan on wearing it when I get home today. The only thing that would be cooler, to me, would be an Xavier’s Letter jacket.

Consider signing up to Marvel Collector Corps, and you too can have this monthly goodness.

Note: Funko sends me these at no charge for review purposes. I have to remember to get them something.

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