Save Big on Mega Bloks, Get Holiday Deals on Open-Box/Refurbished Products – Daily Deals!

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We know fans of LEGO often look askance at their competitor, Mega Bloks, but there are some significant advantages to Mega Blocks. They’re usually less expensive, and they pick up some cool licenses that LEGO doesn’t: like Star Trek, Halo, and SpongeBob. So, if you’d like a UNSC Kodiak Siege Cannon, or a Klingon Bird of Prey, check out the big deals on Mega Blok sets today!

If you you want to make a splash and save some cash this holiday shopping season, consider perusing the long list of “open-box” items on Amazon. Everything is as good as new, comes with their warrantees, buy you’ll save some extra money. Really bowl your loved-ones over with a new TV, computer, camera, or cooking gadget that actually fits in your budget!


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