Revell ‘Star Wars’ U-Wing Model Kit

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revelluwing-featuredRevell has added a new line-up of kits from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to its line of great, easy model kits.

I previously wrote about the Poe’s X-Wing Fighter kit we picked up, and we are continuing our tradition with the U-Wing Fighter from the upcoming movie.

revelluwing-partsThis kit is a Revell Level 2 kit, and, just like the X-Wing, requires no tools or glue or paint. It’s completely snap-together, and has an 8+ age range with an approximate build time of one hour. With several kits under our belts, and an improved simplicity to the parts, my three-year-old and I finished the kit in about 20 minutes. Though the same scale as the X-Wing, this kit has a lot more parts (35).

Finished U-Wing. Photo by Will James.

The ease of assembly isn’t the only thing improved since the last line of kits either. The electronics in the U-Wing have added lights along with sounds. My son loves flying the U-Wing around and shining the light on things. The landing gear also stays in better, and the wing mechanism (because what’s a Rebel fighter without moving wings) is also a bit improved. One of my son’s biggest complaints has also been addressed. The X-Wing didn’t have a pilot in the cockpit. The U-Wing makes up for it with a pilot and co-pilot in the cockpits twin seats!

Taking her for a spin. Photo by Will James.

Just like with the X-Wing kit, everything is very nicely detailed and pre-painted so once you’ve built the kit, it’s ready for play. While these kits are not meant to be taken apart after assembly, my son loves to take things apart and put them back together and both kits have stood the test of many, many re-builds.

If you’re a fan of scale modeling or just want a chance to put together a cool Rogue One toy, I highly recommend grabbing one of these U-Wings. There is also an AT-ACT kit so you can get both and act out scenes from the trailer to hold you over until the movie comes out next month. And if Level 1 is too easy for you, there are also plenty of larger kits as well.

NOTE: I received a review copy of this kit but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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