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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 101: The Doubleclicks

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Today on the show, we chat with Aubrey and Angela Webber, the brilliant duo who make up The Doubleclicks. If you’re not familiar with their music, go to their website or YouTube pronto and check it out. You won’t be sorry. In fact, go ahead and do it right now. We’ll even make it easy for you. Just click play below and listen to their fantastic geek girl anthem “Nothing to Prove.”

Still here? Great! The Doubleclicks are based out of Portland, Oregon, and write songs they describe themselves as “snarky, geeky, and sweet.” I really couldn’t describe it much better than that. They play the cello and a meowing cat keyboard, and they sing about dinosaurs, cats, Doctor Who, space, and Dungeons & Dragons. In a word: awesome.

They’ve also recently announced the formation of Doubleclicks Records, a new record label that brings together crowdfunding and unique concert venues to launch fellow genre-busting artists. Their Kickstarter for Lucia Fasano’s debut album met its goal of $3,000 in just one day.

They also just released a new song, “Möbius,” exclusively through Kickstarter. It’s about our frustrating political climate and how we need to overcome fear and hate to avoid creating a Möbius strip of hate.

On this episode, we chat with Aubrey and Angela about ignoring genres and what qualifies as “mainstream,” connecting with fans, starting a new label and the state of the music industry, and doing things that they’re scared to do. Also the cat keyboard. We find out what the heck is up with that.

And if you want more music? PLEASE listen to Aubrey play her version of “History Has Its Eyes on You” from Hamilton:


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