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The modern gentleman has a legacy of sophisticated style handed down by respectable men and women through the ages. For over a century, modern fashion has been moving from bespoke fashion to consumer-convenient ready-made clothing. Classic style and fashion have mostly fallen to the rise of cheap imports. For Christmas this year, take advantage of a last-minute opportunity to invest in a bespoke watch for yourself or the gentleman who deserves a gift of the highest caliber. EONIQ’s custome watches, currently live on Indiegogo (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/eoniq-custom-watches-crafted-by-your-story-watch#/), are the definition of distinction. The campaign, by the way, funded in 79 minutes, and has surpassed its goal by over 700%.

As Colin Firth (as Harry Hart in The Kingsman once told us, “The suit is the modern gentleman’s armour.” In that light, an impeccable watch is the modern title, a clear sign of prestige and credibility. Unfortunately, mass produced accessories don’t shine, nor do they represent their bearer. EONIQ’s bespoke watches are customized with hundreds of options to start your design out, with the option to engrave your signature, logo, or personal art. Anything you have copyright to is fair game.

EONIQ's Navigator Series
EONIQ’s Navigator Series

A bespoke suit is made with no pattern, made to perfectly fit and represent the wearer. ENOIQ’s two watches are similarly handcrafted individually, to your exact specifications. One watchmaker, one watch. A truly unique piece to turn heads and make an impression in any situation. After your purchase is confirmed, you will receive a code to use with their app. Using the app, you design exactly the watch to your preference.

EONIQ's Pinot Blanc Series
EONIQ’s Pinot Blanc Series

The customization options are legion. A buyer has to begin with a basic style, then choose components. The two series are the Navigator and the Pinot Blanc. The Navigator series is an athletics-friendly option, water-resistant to 100 meters. The Pinot Blanc, on the other hand, has more customization options, and feature dozens of exposed mechanism faces. Each watch has a custom face, mechanism, case, hands, band, and buckle.

Image: Rory Bristol
Image: Rory Bristol

My watch is the Pinot Blanc style, featuring my author’s signature. (A safer option than your legal signature.) I opted for a stark and slightly severe stle, beginning with a 42mm black casing with a silver mechanism. The half-moon cutout on the face shows the internal mechanism ticking the time away. I opted for a face with nearly-invisible hour markings, as I don’t need them. It is easily the classiest accessory in my wardrobe, and will be a life-long companion, even if I need to replace the band in 10-20 years.


Some of EONIQ's designs for inspiration, from simple signatures to intricate designs.
Some of EONIQ’s designs for inspiration, from simple signatures to intricate designs.

The faces of these watches are the true highlight. With over 175 bases, your choices are nearly unlimited. Choose your base, upload a high-res image, and choose from the 5 color/engraving options. Position the image with the app, ensuring a perfect placement. Many will opt for their signature, but with lines as fine as 0.05mm, any image can be inscribed.

The mechanisms are the Citizen 8N24, a classy and reliable choice. Sporting 21 jewels, the watch can store over 40 hours of power between winding. Automatically winding by the movement of your wrist, these mechanisms only need manual winding once a week or so.

Cases come in 10 styles. With multiple styles, colors, and shapes, there’s a perfect option for every buyer. Each are made of 316L surgical grade, a hypoallergenic stainless steel containing 2-3% molybdenum for greater resistance to corrosives. The case also features a sapphire crystal lense, promising a crisp look, free of internal blemish.

Hands point the time in 5 different styles, letting the wearer have bolder hands for simpler designs, and slimmer hands for intricate faces.

The leather straps are made by Brasport, a renowned Swiss leather manufacturer. Five different colors of leather allow you to get look exactly right.

Buckles come in five colors, perfectly matching the faces, for a clean and consistent finish.

A selection of basic EONIQ watch faces.
A selection of basic EONIQ watch faces.

Do note that some options are only available for one model or the other.

Unfortunately, you can’t hold these in your hands before purchase.
The leather, due to it’s extreme quality, is very stiff. Almost plastic-like. Regular wear will soften the band in a matter of weeks, though. The band will conform to your wrist better in the long run.
Price point. Love it or hate it, sophistication comes at a cost. The Indiegogo options are $328 for the Navigator, and $228 for the Pinot Blanc. These are a steep discount on the costs of watches sold in the future.
Shipping time. Buying via the Indigogo campaign will guarantee delivery before Valentine’s day, but you’ll not get it before Christmas. This is because each watch is handcrafted using your specifications.

Bottom Line:
The EONIQ watches are a life-long investment and a stunning gift. Whether you’re looking to improve your wardrobe or show a loved one that you’re here to stay, your watch will carry memories with them for decades. Remember, a bespoke watch always fits.

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