Kickstarter Ending: Dragonlock 2 – 3D Print Your Own Structures for Gaming

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Tom Tullis over at Fat Dragon Games had a very successful Kickstarter last year with the first Dragonlock series of 3D printed dungeon tiles. Backers received files for printing 2×2 dungeon floor tiles, walls (both full height and half height), caverns, doors, pits, traps, and much more. And there were plenty of freebie stretch goal files to boot.


Well, the follow-up Kickstarter Dragonlock 2 has about a week left for funding, and it’s already exceeded the first Dragonlock Kickstarter. The new project features files for building structures (in various styles), cobblestone streets, furnishings (beds, fireplaces, etc.), sewers, and even a multi-leveled windmill. And yes, there are a LOT of freebie stretch goal files tossed in – over 50 stretch goal freebie files have been unlocked! There’s even a great add-on pricing option for getting all the earlier Dragonlock files and Expansions if you missed them the first time around.

You can view Dragonlock 2 Kickstarter here, but don’t wait too long. (And if you’re a player, let your DM know!)

Note: If you’re a member of DMScotty’s Facebook page, you can view this conversation where I posted pictures and time-to-print for various Dragonlock dungeon tiles. If you’re not a member… sign up!


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