‘Teen Titans Go!’ Is the Best Show You’re Not Watching With Your Kids

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Teen Titans GO!

Teen Titans Go!, currently about to start its fourth season on Cartoon Network, is the only place you can see some of DC Comics’ heavy-hitters like Cyborg, Batman, Darkseid, and many more on TV. But even if you’re a DC Comics fan, chances are you haven’t seen an episode of the zany series yet.

You might still be harboring some resentment for the ending of the Teen Titans and Young Justice series, and swore off Teen Titans Go! long ago. Or maybe it’s just too weird and frenetic, and you dismissed it without sitting down for a full episode.

Teen Titans Go! is one of the best DC Comics shows on TV right now (and yes, I’m counting the ones on The CW). Here are a few reasons you should give an episode a try the next time you hear the kids giggling at the antics of Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven.

You’ll see characters you won’t see on any other DC Comics TV show.

Darkseid. The Wonder Twins. Dr. Light. Terra. Trigon. Ravager. Batgirl. And Batman, in perhaps his most hilarious role ever seen on a screen (I’m looking at you, LEGO Batman Movie, to prove me wrong). These are characters you won’t see on The CW or Fox. Not only will you enjoy the cameos from mostly minor characters like these, your kids will be learning a Who’s Who of the DC Comics universe while grinning at the Teen Titans’ misadventures.

And some of those characters are voiced by phenomenal guest stars.

When I say Darkseid, chances are you aren’t reminded of “Weird Al” Yankovic, but once you watch the episode with the clever singer as one of DC Comics’ biggest villains you’ll never see Darkseid the same way again.

Will Wheaton also makes recurring guest appearances as Aqualad, along with Ashley Johnson as Terra and LeBron James as… LeBron James. Seriously.

But it’s the regular Teen Titans cast that really shines.

I don’t know how these guys do it. After amazing runs as the same characters on the (much more serious) Teen Titans series, the talented cast was able to fearlessly turn Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy into crazy cartoon characters. All of the characters’ personality flaws were multiplied by 10 (Robin’s control issues, Raven’s melancholy) and the cast wasn’t afraid to embrace it.

One of the show’s most noteworthy episodes, “And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob,” is not only the 100th episode of Teen Titans Go!, but highlights how hard the cast works and how far they’re willing to go when making fun of themselves.

The nostalgia and in-jokes for parents are off the charts.

While it is obviously a kids’ show, there are countless references to classic video games, TV shows (Cyborg is a huge Golden Girls fan), and movies. One recent episode, “Booty Scooty,” is an incredible and shameless homage to The Goonies.

Thanks to this wacky show, my daughter and I have talked about The Oregon Trail, Bea Arthur, The Super Friends, the Truffle Shuffle, Spy Hunter, and many more conversations I never thought we’d have.

Okay, yeah, it’s weird.

Teen Titans Go! is just plain weird. The characters talk fast, beat up bad guys relentlessly, release all sorts of body fluids (and swim in them), get turned into all kinds of monsters and disgusting creatures, give mini-lessons in 401(k) plans, and much, much more. This probably isn’t the show to watch when the grandparents are visiting. The show is absolutely a self-aware parody of the Teen Titans themselves and superheroes in general, and isn’t afraid to be weird.

So if you give it a chance and it’s just too crazy, that’s okay. But if you get hooked on the short episodes, you and your kids will have inside jokes for years that will make you laugh together. (I can’t cook meatballs without the entire family bursting into the “Meatball Party” song.)

If I’ve convinced you to give it a shot, grab “Two Parter Part One” and “Two Parter Part Two” from iTunes. I promise you’ll laugh.

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20 thoughts on “‘Teen Titans Go!’ Is the Best Show You’re Not Watching With Your Kids

  1. No. No. I don’t wanna!! DC already claimed my 3yo. I don’t want to watch anymore DC stuff that’s witty, and funny, and able to laugh at itself, and quirky and full of social commentary.

    ** we are already huge fans and the next step is admitting we have a problem… But it’s not really a “problem”…

  2. I love watching Teen Titans Go both with and without my son. I see haters claiming that the show is stupid, but really the writing is incredibly clever and the voice acting is amazing. And if you’re a fan of the original Titans cartoon, Titans Go wouldn’t work the way it does without it, so there’s no reason you can’t enjoy both.

    Only problem is one day while trying to discipline my son he decided to reply only with “Waffles.” Khary Payton (Cyborg) said “My bad” when I mentioned it on Twitter. 🙂

  3. Absolutely true article. Not since gravity falls has ended has satire at my kids level been so well written.

  4. This is a joke right? Teen Titans Go is a complete mockery of the original teen titans. The jokes are NOT funny and completely immature. If you want to show your children a completely dumbed down cartoon with no educational value then let your kid watch this garbage.

    1. I have to agree with Muhammad here! I won’t say TTG doesn’t have it’s moments I did have a good chuckle at some of the episodes mainly the Video Game ones. (I’m a gaming nerd sue me)! But even those episodes have huge flaws (a ghost yachet really?) The jokes for the vast majority are not funny and have predictable punchlines that are not funny or even worth the payoff. For example look at the episode where Cy and BB don’t like the idea of responsibilty, and get sent 20 years into the future due to staring at a pizza (which is not funny or clever). They see the others are in a better situation and have great lives though have to look after everyone important in them due to *Gasp* “Nasty Responsibilty” Oooooohhhhh how evil. So they complain about it like little babies thoughout the episode only to go back in time to ruin everyones lives just because they can’t take responsibilty. It is mean spirited, unfunny and a terrible lesson for young children that wouldn’t know any better.

      Where is this clever writing or humour that you preach in that? If I had kids I would be disgusted by this. I’m no liberal or bleeding heart far from it. But I would be disgusted if my kids thought this was a “Clever” or “Good” show. Hell if I had kids I would make them watch what superhero show should be. Like Batman the Animated Series (I watched it at 6 I’m now 26), Teen Titans, Justice League, JLU, Spiderman the animated series, X-Men TAS and most of the ones that simply don’t ruin a series because we have to dumb it down for our newer generation. Take the TT episode Fear Itself, here we see our Titans being attacked by creatures and things that go bump in the night, after Raven refuses to admit she is scared making her feel weak and powerless (Not to mention she has lost her powers to push that point across). It has great action, suspense and character development with any important message not to deny your feelings, but accept them and overcome your fears. That is a good message which kids can learn and be amused by the characters, action and appearance of the show.

      TTG has them saying Waffles for 12 minutes and the ‘characters’ are no longer the characters that many people loved. Robin or what is claimed to be Robin isn’t a swavy leader with his problems of control anymore he feels like a nerd who wears Robin clothes in any attempt to be cool. Starfire is just a ditzy airhead, Cyborg is just a screaming Black Guy who thinks he has to shout to be funny. Beast Boy is just mean spirited and stupid and Raven….oh Raven why…? From being the dark mysterious goth girl with deep secrets and emotional backstory is now just a punchline for emo, emotionless jokes whilst completely forgetting what made her a clever and cool character to begin with.

      Teen Titans Go is clearly a parody and I get that. But to be a parody you have to be clever and funny this isn’t (though it has it’s moments as I said). Not only that but for characters that were universally loved and if it wasn’t for the Teen Titans, DC would probably be dead by now. It is a shame that such a shining legacy is dirted by this disgusting mess. Want to see something good that is cleverly written and smart for adults and kids. Read the comics both old and new (minus New 52 that was garbage too). Watch the original Teen Titans series, watch the Justice League vs Teen Titans film. Anything is better then GO! It is also due to GO we probably will never have a live action TT film or live action series. Because despite it’s love by many people if we were to have a gritty dark film or live action series we would have kids watching getting scared, and then outraged parents will complain and say how disgusting it is. All because kids thinks the brain dead TTG is the way these characeters should act. Teen Titans deserves better then this, and it is a real shame this is the way shows have to be these days.

  5. No. NO. This show is a disgrace to DC. It is unfunny (with the exception of three episodes) and mocks the intelligence of it’s audience with how IQ-liberated the writing it. Like the episode where beast boy and Cyborg just say WAFFLES for 11 minutes.

    And one of the newest episodes literally just takes an episode of the original Teen Titans, one of the BEST kid cartoons ever (I’d recommend watching THIS with your kid. Actual good writing, great emotion and character depth, fluid animation, literally everything TTG DOESN’T have) and dubs over it with moronic dialogue. It’s most likely meant to be a parody of ‘Abridged’ videos, where people take cartoons and dub over them in an attempt to parody the source material. However, to do that well you need to understand the original show.

    For example, DBZ Abridged, one of the funniest series on YouTube, is a parody of Dragon Ball Z that dubs over the original episodes. However, it has clever writing and frequently pokes fun at the flaws of the original (Like Krillin never using Kienzan when it would actually be able to kill a powerful villain), as well as adding actually new material to make it fresh and familiar at the same time. TTG misses the point and just says stupid crap over and over again!

    Also, they frequently insult the people who criticize the show by making episodes dedicated to trying to ‘roast’ them, pretty much. For example, the episode ‘Return of Slade’, they said in the trailers for the episode that it would have the iconic main antagonist of Teen Titans, Slade, come back. However, he never shows up on screen. Instead, it cuts to a screen saying “THREE EPISODES AND A MADE-FOR-TV MOVIE LATER” and then they come back and brag about the fight. Cyborg and BB want get a clown to celebrate, and Cyborg and BB realize that they hate the clown, and the others say that they’re nostalgia blind and that clowns are meant to be stupid.

    Watch this episode, and every time they say ‘clown’, replace the word with the word ‘cartoon’, and you’ll get the point. In the eyes of the TTG writers, cartoons are ONLY for little kids and that adults who complain about AWFUL shows like TTG are nostalgia blind. Despite the fact that there are cartoons like Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, and Steven Universe that are meant for kids and are very emotionally deep and truly fantastic shows, that get INFINITELY more positive reception by viewers. And shows like Loud House and Sonic Boom that aren’t deep, but are genuinely funny due to clever writing and likeable characters. Also, adult cartoons exist, like Rick and Morty, American Dad, and God, The Devil and Bob.

    I think I’ve made my point clear. Watch ACTUAL good shows with your children, not Teen Titans GO DIE IN A FIRE

  6. Teen titans is NOT FUNNY There are 5 episodes (out of 157) that made me Laugh

    I have seen all 3 seasons hoping that it gets better and when they start acting serious and going back to the original shows roots the episode ends and ruins everything

    if you are bored and this is the only thing you can watch turn off your tv and read a book

    If you want a good cartoon to watch check out: gravity falls, Steven universe, over the garden wall, the original teen titans and young justice these are shows with amazing characters, great writing, amazing stories and good jokes please


  7. Danny, Fenrirking, Muhammad and TTFan, you idiots are completely wrong about TTG and miss the point of this article! Take down your comments and stop being wrong, you idiots! ?

    1. In 1968 Nancy Friday Wrote, My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies and later in 1973 it’s sequel, Forbidden Flowers. Teen Titans Go! Season 3 Episode 22: Secret Garden, is a full on reference to both of these books. This episode even disguises a sex scene as a musical number.
      “[SIGHS] [SIGHS] [BOTH SIGH] [MUSIC] [Together SIGHS] Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, ha, ha Ha, Ha Ha,Ha Oh.Oh.Uh, uh, uh.Ha Ha, ha ha Ha, ha Ha, ha Ha, ha, ha Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha Ha, ha, ha, ha, Ha Ha, ha, ha, [Together} Haaaauh. This secret garden has healed me, Star. You are welcome to freak in, in here any time.”
      When Starfire shows Cyborg her Secret Garden, he says “So many beautiful flowers.” Referencing the second book. I am not going to relate everything that is associated. I mean come on? Use Google look up the two books. Read just a couple chapters if any at all! Heck just read the summary. Then watch the episode. Not a coincidence, not Pareidolia. This was deliberate. Now if you said you like Teen Titans Go! for any reason and you are trying to let your kids watch something that you could watch too, with them. Then based on this episode you might as well have just thrown in an adult sex education film. The writers and animators love slipping things by the FCC. Just to see if they can. Sometimes they, and the voice actors are holding their breathe to see if their sexual references, sayings, words, written words, sexual images, phrases and sexual artwork (mostly disguised obviously) make it on the air. Past the FCC. It’s like a little personal challenge, and accomplishment when it makes it. So, I don’t mind it because I am an adult with no kids. But for you parents out there who say this sort of thing isn’t real. I have no say. That you know what your kids are watching. That this show is a great family show. That this show is a great kids show. I say wake up, snap out of it. The world is not all puppy dogs,kittens, and rainbows. Also writers & animators aren’t children they are as old as or even older than some of you parents. So I am not mad or angry about the show myself, I get a chuckle out of it, every no and then. Yes, I am an adult and I watch cartoons. I go to work everyday without provocation and come home every night.I get paid and pay my bills. I am happily married and we find the fictional land of cartoons is far better than the fictional land of news and realty shows. I just wanted to let some special people know some of what they might be missing when they view this with their children. Heck, It might go over the youngest kids head, but not the middle school & high school kids. I knew of this book among others about that time. If anyone says this type of innuendo or any sexual reference was lost to them at that age is lying. Unless they happen to be Amish. Seriously, if this sort of thing is cool with you and your kids not catching it. That’s great. Then this comment really isn’t for
      you. It’s for the others. Stay sharp people! Stay sharp!

  8. “Danny, Fenrirking, Muhammad and TTFan, you idiots are completely wrong about TTG and miss the point of this article! Take down your comments and stop being wrong, you idiots! ?”

    Oh yeah, obviously someone who isn’t an adult here. Calling people out by their name. Targeting these people. Then calling names! This behavior is unacceptable in any manner of speech. It demonstrates a lack of maturity and disrespect for fellow human beings. Childish tactics and just plain rude.

    “AND GO DIE IN A FIRE”!!??

    Really? After that magnificent, well thought out, comment…?! You end with this? People When commenting or discussing any topic you side will be heard and accepted better with out insulting or calling names. Your comment was great until you wish death upon these people.
    I am no saint. I get frustrated and angry too. The trick is to not let the other side see it. Most of all since you are commenting for the internet people to see, that means you want your side to be heard and received with interest at the very least. These names and bad behavior Everyone lost credibility. I forgot what message you were conveying due to the bad behavior. I think i am not the only one. Any way, who am I any way? No one. Just more text on the screen. Take it for what it is, or not at all. Be good to one another. Stay Sharp!

    1. I am sorry I am an illiterate. I am sorry, I read the one comment wrong! Please accept my apologies for having a lapse of stupidity. The correct post ending was this:

      “Teen Titans GO DIE IN A FIRE”
      Not what I misread and commented on. No excuses I messed up. I was wrong. So therefore, I am sorry to the original poster. Everything else stands.

  9. I don’t have a problem with Teen Titans Go, I understand the tongue in cheek humor and watch it with my grand daughter.

    The most recent episode (season 4 episode 8, The Streak) did include a scene I hated. The scene was where Robin uses a police baton and kneecaps the Flash. This went beyond potty humor or any humor whatsoever. Bad bad bad.

  10. guys, TTG is a parody of what our world is now, guised as a kids tv show. talking about pyramid schemes, equity, getting into good schools, responsibility, etc. there are a lot of segments that are full of stupid stuff, but what do you call all that reality tv we have, “everything wars”.

  11. My son and I watch this show together. I actually look forward to watching TTG. The show is one if the best on TV. I’m not even going to acknowledge any cynicism that says otherwise.

    Today, my favorite episode was on. I don’t know the name of it, but it’s where Cyborg introduces us to his favorite song, “The Night Begins to Shine”. Brilliant episode. We love it and all of the episodes. CYBORG, #1!

  12. If you have a problem with Tenn Titans Go and you’re an adult that problem is YOURS to deal with. YOU ARE NOT THE TARGET AUDIENCE. I’m not sure why grown men and women cannot comprehend that. lol You all just can’t let go of nostalgia. Kids love it and thats all that matters. And plenty adults who are sensitive close minded stick up the ass jerks love it too. Sad adults call to have this show cancelled and they don’t even watch it. “Original Titans was better” And? Watch reruns of that! Or even better pick up a comic book and really learn about the ORIGINAL Teen Titans. I’ve seen adults say “Oh the show is stupid and insults kids’ intelligence” You must be new to the world of cartoons be cause stupid cartoons have ALWAYS bee a thing. Ren & Stimpy, Wacky World of Tex Avery, Rocko’s Modern life, The Ripping Friends etc, A Pup Named Scooby Doo was goofy as hell compared to the original and made for a newer generation same deal with TTGO. Society has gotten so soft that they let this get to them lol. If you don’t watch he show STOP being so heavily invested in bashing it. Pay it no mind as again IT IS NOT FOR YOU!

  13. For real it’s really a great cartoon. It’s extremely funny all the characters are equally funny to me da da-da da-da. If you like cartoons I don’t see how you could not like this one. I’m 32 and I just started watching it.

  14. I didn’t watch the original teen titans – but I watch TTG with my kids, (and without them sometimes, truth be told) and I find it incredibly well written and hilarious on many levels. It’s completely nuts, which I love. I think some of the shows the kids have now are brilliant… I also think the Amazing World Of Gumball is genius… Although, sometimes I do wonder about the content on some of the shows. But then, I don’t think kids really perceive these shows in the same way. I remember looking back on some of the shows I watched as a kid and it’s quite enlightening to watch them from an adult perspective! In any case, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to be introduced to TTG after the dire stuff I used to have to watch when the kids were small.

  15. Ok… I am taking a very big sigh… I really don’t get it. This show – yes Teen Titans Go – it is genius..!! I didn’t want to watch it… and then the voices got in the way of my enjoying it at first. They seemed like chattering insect voices… my son Arden however was insistent. He kept watching the thing.. I gave in and watched one or two… it still kind of turned me off.. but then … something happened. I don’t think I see exactly what Arden sees in the show. Actually I think I enjoy it even more deeply and completely than he can… he does see references I don’t catch such as the relation between The Mask TTG episode and Fractured in Teen Titans… and I like Teen Titans too. But the Go is a step beyond. The Mask was hilarious… in part because it is kinda stupid… but totally beyond it. Sorry I was a late bloomer when it came to Go and quite ready never to watch it again… now I am addicted.

    I am struck by the level of imagination and its constant implications of parallel worlds – or the Multiverse. Well Arden got me into the revamped Dr. Who. If you have seen the episode Blink… well it is contradictory … and dumb… and genius. I cant give enuf superlatives to either Go or Who… and yeh the guy with the comment up there was right in his stuff about Go reflecting our time. The episodes that bring in time machines are crazy, creepy, again on one level stupid, but inevitably profound and engrossing. The shows are full of wisdom… yes wisdom. And if some of that wisdom rubs off on my son I am delighted.

  16. Oh… We just saw David Tennant at a local con… my son had a picture taken with him… he is a Who fanatic… but I am too… Tennant is one of a kind… or one of 13… or well Christopher Eccleston is just as incredible… and so are just about all of them… and yes there is some deep wisdom in Dr. Who too… but you have to bring some to the table to see it…

  17. I love love love TTG. My son 12 its a guilty pleasure, he had just got into TT and the next year it was taken off the air for TTG, he wont admit he likes it but watches it all the time. My daughter loves it. Sometimes we will just bust into the waffle song. I cannot get enough of it

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